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Shilong Town
As one of the 4 largest towns in Guangdong Province, Shilong Town is located North of Dongguan City and the lower reaches of Dongjiang River. With 65,000 permanent residents and more than 20,000 overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong and Macau, it takes up a total area of 13.83 square kilometers. Shilong has an array of more than 1,000 enterprises, and more than 200 relatively large factories thus forming a comprehensive layout of optical products, electronics, electrical appliances, food and drink, ironware and machinery, construction material, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications. [ full info >> ]
In the past few years, Shilong has invested millions of yuan in constructing infrastructure such as transport, energy and telecommunications. The have completed 4 bridges, put more than 30 thousand programmed control telephones into use and completed multimedia information internet networks. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
Shilong has long been considered a transportation center for business, trade and cargo for over 10 of the surrounding towns or districts in Dongguan. Therefore, the local government has invested in building or rebuilding several business and trade fairs, department stores and large scale shopping centers. Huarun (Hong Kong) Supermarket has set up a branch in Shilong. Such resourceful and flourishing streets as Zhongshan, Luhua and Xinglong bustle with all types of commodities. [ full info >> ]
Historic Traditions
The people of Shilong cherish a glorious revolutionary tradition with people such as Lin Zhimian, Li Wenpu, and Huang Xiayi, all following in the footsteps of Sun Yat-sen. In April 1922 Sun set up a campaign camp and also a base camp in Shilong to launch a crusade against the insurgent troops headed by Chen Jiongming who was then entrenched in Huizhou City. Sun came in person 14 times to the battlefront in Shilong. [ full info >> ]
Shilong is a famous town for weight lifting. In 1956, Chen Jingkai as a representative from Shilong, China in the Sino-Soviet Russia Weight Lifting Contest broke the world record for weight lifting with his record of 133 kg, thus becoming the first Chinese athelete to break the world record. [ full info >> ]
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