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Hengli Town
Hengli Town is located in the east of Dongguan City, with an area of 50 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 16 village committees, one community committee, with 35,000 registered permanent residents as well as 200,000 migrant residents. Over the years Hengli Town has fully exploited its “five advantages” in regional location, environment, systematic facilities, service and culture, and vigorously created a high quality hardware and software investment environment. [ full info >> ]
Location Advantage
Hengli Town is located in the interior of the economic corridor of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong and enjoys a superior geographic location. It is 5-minute drive from the Dongguan Railway Station, junction terminal of the railway in Pearl River Delta. [ full info >> ]
Environment Advantage
Excellence in Urban Construction: Projects such as "Two Banks along One River", "One Circular and Two Thoroughfares" and "Eight Centers" have been developed and constructed with a high standard. New urban area has been vigorously developed and old area transformed, while making good efforts to construct various infrastructures. [ full info >> ]
Systemic Advantage
Hengli Town and its neighboring areas boast a good foundation in manufacturing industry. There are almost 500 foreign enterprises, with investment from Regions and countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States, Japan and South Korea. Industries of electronics, computer, wool spinning, hardware, pattern making, shoe making, garment, toy, and plastics agglomerate here. [ full info >> ]
Service Advantage
Hengli Town boasts a clean and efficient service system. Administrative service institutions execute their administrative functions for the sake of service and practically implement various favorable policies to improve their efficiency and quality in work. [ full info >> ]
Culture Advantage
As one of the three big cattle markets in Guangdong, Hengli has stood out with its long history and profound cultural details. Hengli cattle market had been known in and out of the province throughout history, and up to now the Hengli cattle market is still in function as the biggest single market for beef cattle trade in Guangdong province. [ full info >> ]
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Media Contact
Publicizing Office of Hengli Town
Tel: 0769-83722890
Add: No.419 Zhongshan Road,Hengli Town)
Government website: http://www.hengli.gov.cn

Hengli Town Coach Station, located in the cetral region of the town
Tel: 0769-83733318

Hua Xiang International Hotel, Four-star
Add: Ruikang Road, Hengli Town

Dongchang Hotel
Add: Central Region in the new urban area of Hengli Town

Beauty Bay Hotel
Tel: 0769-83739888
Add: No.1 Yanjiang Road, Hengli Town

New Treassure Hotel (Add: Tianqiao Road Hengli Town, Tel: 0769-8337188)

Seaport Restaurant (Add: No.88 Zhongshan RoandHengli Town, the 3rd floor of Nanming Shopping Paradise, Tel: 0769-83713666)

1."Double Dragon Boat" Pedestrian Street: Located in the prime district of the center of the new town, it boasts a construction area covers 34,000 square meters, emerging as a trade platform that combines trade, recreation, entertainment and culture;

2. Huarun Mega-Mall (Hengli): Located at the No. 88, Zhongshan Road, Hengli Town, it enjoys a business area of 43,000 square meters that comprises shopping, catering and entertainment.

3. Jiarong Shooping Mall (Hengli): Located at No.383 Zhongshan Road, Hengli Town, it boasts a business area of 25,000 square meters that deals in 20,000 varieties of commodities.

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