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Qiaotou Town
Qiaotou Town is located in the northeast of Dongguan City and is set between 113°60'28"east longitude and 22°58'38" north latitude. Situated in the most developed southern coastal economic belt in China and the famous Asian economic corridor of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong,. It is the site of origin for the “Dongguan-Shenzhen Water Supply Project”, which is renowned both at home and abroad, and offers water supply to Hong Kong. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
Over the years, Qiaotou Town has vigorously developed an economy of high quality, and created a city of high-end positioning, realizing sound and quick development in economy and society. So far,over 1000 enterprises of various types have been established in the town, and this has initially shaped [ full info >> ]
History and Culture
Qiaotou Town enjoys profound details in terms of history and culture. As early as the beginning of Song Dynasty villagers in Dong’an gathered and lived in the confines of Qiaotou. By the end of the Southern Song Dynasty a group of people moved from Zhujixiang Lane in Nanxiong to settle here. [ full info >> ]
Qiaotou boasts a convenient traffic system and easy access. Through Guangzhou-Huizhou Expressway in the northeast, it is linked to Guangzhou and Huizhou. In the southwest Changping-Humen expressway meets with three expressways, namely Dongguan-Shenzhen expressway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen expressway, and Beijing-Zhuhai expressway. [ full info >> ]
Municipal Facilites
Urban infrastructures in Qiaotou Town are being perfected. The center of the town has a construction area of 15 square kilometers. The town is in possession of two 110KV substations, one 220KV substation. The waterworks has a daily capacity to supply water, as much as 120,000 cubic meters. [ full info >> ]
Travel and Tourism
Qiaotou Town is located in the border of Dongguan City, Huizhou City and Boluo County, a major town of logistic distribution. It is equipped with developed trade, many markets and bustling transactions. There are five prosperous commercial streets in the center of the town, and five large shopping malls. [ full info >> ]
Information for Everyday needs

Media Contact
Party Affairs Office of Qiaotou Town (Tel: 0769-83341833) Publicizing Office (Tel: 0769-83431306) Address: No.1 Qiaoguang Thoroughfare, Qiaotou Town Government Court
Government website of Qiaotou Town: http://www.qiaotou.gov.cn

Bus Route: Taking No. 77 or 79 Bus at Dongguan Coach Center Station, No. 84 or 109 Bus at Liuhua Coach Station, No. 79 or 207 Bus at Changping Coach Station, No. 86 or 207 Bus at Chang'an Coach Station, No. 325 Bus from Songshanhu, you will get to Qiaotou. There are alsl direct buses from Nancheng Coach Station, Chang'an Coach Station, Houjie Coach Station, Humen Delivery and Coach Station, Fenggang Yantian Coach Station to Qiaotou Town.
Driving Route: Departing from urban areas of Dongguan, take the eastern high-speed highway route and out at the Qiaotou Exit; or take the Dongjiang Route and turn right at the Qiaodong Bridge Exit, you will get to Qiaotou Town in either way.
You can also take the "Harmony" high-speed train from Guangzhou or Shenzhen and get off at Dongguan Station, then take a bus or taxi; There are direct coach service from Guangzou Liuhua Coach Station and Shenzhen Luohu Coach Station, which leaves every half an hour and takes about an hour. If you drive from Guangzhou, you can take the Guangzhou-Shenzhen expressway and shift to the Humen-Changping expressway, or change to the Eastern high-speed highway or Dongjiang Route after getting to urban areas of Dongguan. You can also drive through the Guangzhou-Huizhou expressway and change to Longqiao Road at the Longxi Exit; if you drive from Shenzhen, take the Dongguan-Shenzhen expressway or Meilin-Guanlan expressway and change to Longlin expressway (or Changping-Humen expressway), any of the above routes will lead you to Qiaotou Town.
Qiaotou Town Coach Station (Tel: 0769-83346807, located in Dengwu Section of Qiaolong Road); Call for Taxi Service (Tel: 0769-23012345)

1. Wellton International Hotel (Five-star), Tel: 0769-81028888, Add: On the Side of Qiaotou Square, Qiaotou Town
2. Goodview Hotel (Four-Satr) http://www.resortlotuslake.com, Tel: 0769-83341868, Add: Hubing Road Qiaotou Town
3. Hengfeng Hotel (Three-Star), Tel: 0769-83343333, Add: No.2 Hengfeng New Village, Qiaoguang Thoroughfare, Qiaotou Town

Local Specialties
Qiaotou Town features in tourism, enjoys a reputation of "Resort of Lotus Appreciation in South China" and features in lotus flower dishes, such as Eight-Bowl Lotus Diet (including Five Elegance Hors D'oeuvre of Louts Seeds, Lotus Seeds and Seafood Assortment, Braised Pork with Lotus Seeds, Stewed Goose with Lotus, Simmered Soft-shelled Turtle with Red Jujubes of Lotus Fragrance, Lotus Seeds and Scallop Soup, Stuffed Lotus with Green Bean) , bitter melon hoop stuffed Lotus Seeds, Flamed Chicken with Lotus Fragrance, Shrimp with Mashed Lotus, Rice with Abalone Juice and Octopus Wrapped in Lotus Leaf. Meanwhile, there are dishes like mutton hot pot, whole lamb feast, Qiatou-flavored Chicken, Hometown Goose with Black Bean Sauce and Simmered Pork with Arrowroot.
Songjing Hotel (Tel: 0769-83433333, Add: Qiangguang Thoroughfare, Qiaotou Town)
Street of Mutton Hot Pot (Add: By the side of Lianhu, Huanshi Road, Qiaotou Town)
Songwu Islet (Add: By the side of Longqiao Bridge on the way to Boluo County from Qiaotou Town)
Xinhong Seafood Restaurant (Tel: 0769-83452228, Add: Behind the Telecommunications Company on Qiaoguang Thoroughfare, Qiaotou Town)
Golden Lianhu Hotel (Tel: 0769-83343189, Add: Intersection of Industry Road with Huanshi Road, Qiaotou Town)

Daxin Market Square (Tel: 0769-83450938, Add: Intersection of Industry Road with Qiaoguang Thoroughfare, Qiaotou Town)
Guanglong Department Store (Tel: 0769-83569888, Add: Tianxin Section of Qiaoguang Thoroughfare, Qiaotou Town)
Dahe Department Store (Tel: 0769-86933888, Add: Intersection of Industry Route with Qiaoguang Thoroughfare, Qiaotou Town)
Golden Bay Department Store(Tel:0769-83423618, Add: By the side of Qiaotou Square, Qiaoguang Thoroughfare, Qiatou Town)

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