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Qingxi Town
Qingxi Town is located in the southeastern part of Dongguan, bordering on Shenzhen City and Huizhou City. The town covers an area of 143 square kilometers, and governs 21 villages (communities), with a total population of 32,000 and new immigrants of over 300,000. The town is endowed with a beautiful natural environment. It has been awarded a series of honorable titles, including the Nation Top 10 Towns in terms of earning foreign currency by export [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
The town’s GDP in the year 2007 reached 13 billion yuan, an increase of 16% on the previous year. The total financial revenue of the town was 526 million yuan, rising by 26.7%; The total financial revenue of the entire town was 1.069 billion yuan, a rise of 40.6%. The outward-oriented economy is outstanding. Presently the town has over 800 foreign invested enterprises. [ full info >> ]
Qingxi has a rich and long Hakka cultural background. The Hakkas inhabited there over 800 years ago, thus “Zhongyuan” (central plains) culture and “Lingnan” (the area covering Guangdong and Guangxi) culture meet each other here. The original Hakka Folk Songs won a series awards in various competitions, including Guangdong, Jiangxi, Fujian, and Guangxi Hakka [ full info >> ]
City Construction
With the opening up and reform, Qingxi has made every endeavor in improving the transportation, urban infrastructures, energy supply and communication facilities, creating an investment hotbed with a livable environment.The town has built over 100 km highways which makes transportation very convenient. [ full info >> ]
Information for Everyday needs

Media Contact
General Office of Government of Qingxi Town 0769-87731017
Information Office: 0769-87312018

There are shuttle buses at Dongguan Central Bus Station,Dongcheng Bus Station, Dongguan Nancheng Bus Station and other towns or districts. So far, the Qingxi Coach Terminal has 50 routes leading to different provinces and 8 routs to other cities in Guangdong.

Driving Tips: Transferring to Longlin Expressway from Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway, and exiting at Qingxi.

Qingxi has a National Coach Terminal, providing service with over 10 routes, 100 buses connecting the villages and industrial garden of the town. What’s more you can also enjoy convenient taxi service in Qingxi.

Grand Howard Hotel (five-star)
Add: Jufu New Village, Qingxi Town, 0769-87898888

Hongxin Holliday Hotel, 0769-87363888
Lucheng Hotel, 0769-87737888
Yinli Golf Hotel, 0769-87730000

Local Specialty
Qingxi is one of the Hakkas communities in Dongguan and has many famous Hakka specialties such as Hakka Mixed Dishes, Hakka Braised Goose, Hakka brewing tofu

Recommended Restaurant: Yixiangge Restaurant (0769-87731519), Yixiang Restaurant (0769-87318222), Huangdou Restaurant (0769-87893888), Mingcunge Private Dishess (0769-87373513)

Jinyang Square, Jiaxin Square, Yaoqun Shopping Mall, Qingxi Commercial Street, Tianhe Department Store Qingxi Branch, Dahe Department Store Qingxi Branch, etc.

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