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Xiegang Town
Xiegang Town is located in the eastern part of Dongguan, 30 km away from Huizhou in the east, 10 km away from Zhangmutou, east of Dongguan and Dongguan Railway Station respectively in the west and 60 km away from Shenzhen in the south.Provincial Road S357 and Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou Railway intersect within the town. Xiegang covers an area of 103 square kilometers, governs 11 villages and 1 community, and has a total population of 88,119 according to the statistics of 2007, among which 19,816 are local residents while 68,303 are new immigrants. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
With the opportunities brought by the reform and opening up, Xiegang Town has full play of its advantages, greatly promoted the development of the inward-oriented economy and the outward-oriented economy coordinately. With the endeavor of the last 3 decades the town has been a rising modern industrial town in the province and there are more than 600 enterprises covering various aspect of business. [ full info >> ]
Urban Construction
In the last two decades, the town has spared no efforts to invest in city construction, including highways, urban infrastructures and watercourses. All these have improved the town’s image and competitiveness. The town invested over 21 million yuan in the construction of auxiliary facilities to the Xiegang Section of Dongguan-Huizhou [ full info >> ]
The town fully utilizes the natural resources of the lake, the mountains and human efforts to create an ecological and humanistic image for traveling and the development of its traveling culture. The Mountaineering Festival is held on the most famous mountain in Dongguan-Yinpingzui Mountain, which helps to establish it as a cultural brand. [ full info >> ]
Information for Everyday needs

Media Contact
Party Affairs Office of Xiegang Town: 0769-87761282
Information Office: 0769-87761572
Add: No. 9 Guangming Road North, Xiegang Town

Xiegang Bus Station (0769-87685830,Section A of Huayuan Industrial District, Xiegang Town)
Taxi: 0769-82055055

Local Specialty
Xiegang Town is one of the Hakkas communities in Dongguan, with the famous Hakkas specialties such as, Stewed Fish with Polyghace Seche, Braised Goose with Bean Sauce, Hakka brewing tofu, Poached Sliced Chicken.
Recommended restaurant: Jianhui Farmhouse Restaurant (Dalong Village, Xiegang Town, 0769-87682211), Yingpingshan Mountain Farmhouse Dishes (Shangxin Village, Xiegang Town South, 0769-82121988)

Jinmanhu Lake Vacational Village, Tel:0769-87763838
Add: No. 1 Zhenxing Road, Xiegang Town

The Great Wall Hotel, Tel: 0769-87766822
Add: Huayuan Road, Xiegang Town

Gland Noble Island Hotel, Tel: 0769-87689868
Add: No. 8 Huayuan Road, Xiegang Town

CRC Vanguard Department Store (0769-87689088, Xiegang Square)
Daxin Department Store (0769-87631666, No. 83 Huayuan Road, Xiegang Town)

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