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Tangxia Town
The town of Tangxia is located in the southeastern part of Dongguan City, neighboring Qingxi Town in the east, Fenggang Town in the south, Huangjiang Town in the west, Town of Zhuangmutou in the north, and bordering on Guanlan Town and Gongming Town of Shenzhen City. Tangxia is a traffic hub which connects Guangzhou, Dongguan with Shenzhen and Hong Kong, covering an area of 128 square kilometers and governing 20 communities with a permanent population of 38,000 and new immigrants of 500,000. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
Since the reform and opening up Tangxia has been vigorously sticking to an outward-oriented development strategy which enables Tangxia Town to develop from an agricultural town into a Provincial Central Town and one of the Top Five Towns in Dongguan City. Tangxia has over 20 companies listed in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and 3 enterprises which, Huaqiang SANYO Electronics, Dongguan Huaqiang Sanyo Motor, Thomson, are invested by 500 World Top Enterprises [ full info >> ]
History and Culture
Tangxia town was known as Tang Tou Xia and its long history. As long 2,000 year ago the locals were found to fish, hunt and plant here and the Tangxia village was formed. During the period of the Republic of China (1912-1949), the sub-management committee of District No. 4 of Dongguan County was located here. In August, 1958, Tangxia People’s Commune was founded, and it governed three districts including Tangxia, Fenggang and Qingxi but was disbanded later. In 1987 Tangxia was approved as a town. [ full info >> ]
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Media Contact
Party Affairs Office of Tangxia Town: 0769-87923111
Publicizing Office: 0769-87724777
Foreign Trade Office:0769-87939293
Economic and Trade Office: 0769-87900988

(1)The town is 35 km away from the downtown of Shenzhen, a 40 min-ride from the airport of Shenzhen; 52 km from the downtown of Dongguan, 30 min-ride; 108km from Guangzhou, 80 min-ride; and 56km from Huizhou, 60 min-ride. Dongguan-Shenzhen Arterial Road, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, and Beijing-Kowloon Railway intersect within Tangxia Town. With the completion of Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway, Tangxia will be included into this communication line which enables you to reach Hong Kong within the shortest time.
(2)Bus:Tangxia Coach Terminal is located on No.121, Huanxi Road. Tel: 0769-87729033
(3)Taxi: Tel:0769-23012345

Goodview Hotel Tangxia (five-star), TEL: 0769-87299333
Add: Yingbin Avenue, Tangxia Town

Metropolitan Yijing Hotel (five-star), TEL: 0769-87883888

Golden Lake Guang Dong Hotel (five-star), TEL: 0769-87369888
Add: No. 99, Tangxia Avenue South, Tangxia Town

Tangjiagang Seafood Restaurant (Building No. 24, Huayuan Street, Tangxia Town, 0769- 87908138) with signature dishes as “braising abalone with eggplant”, “Stewed Fish Head in Casserole”
New Youyicun Seafood Restaurant (No. 1 Hongye Road South, Tangxia Town, 0769-8794111) with signature dishes as “Roast Goose” and “Chicken in Scallion oil”.

Tianhe Department Store (No. 1, Huayuan Street, Tangxia Town, 0769-87945503)
Tianrong Department Store (0769-87927281)
Daxin Shopping Mall (Right Across From Golden Sunshine Hotel, N0. 138 of Tangxia Town, 0769-87908306)

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