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Fenggang Town
Fenggang Town, located in southeast Dongguan, borders Shenzhen to the east, south and west. The Shenzhen-Meilin-Guanlan Expressway and the Jihe Expressway cross the town. The Dongshen highway runs through the town into Shenzhen. The transportation here is very convenient.Fenggang Town covers an area of 82.5 square kilometers and governs 12 villages (communities), with the registered population of 20,000 people and the new Dongguanese (i.e. the floating population) more than 300,000 people. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
Since the reform and opening-up, Fenggang has vigorously developed the export-oriented economy thanks to its excellent geographical resources,, adjacency to Hong Kong and Macao, contacts with many locally-born overseas Chinese and a long tradition of Hakka culture. After 30 years of construction, Fenggang has gradually developed [ full info >> ]
Urban Construction
Over the past 20 years, Fenggang has invested heavily in the construction of road and the town, and regulation of the mountains and waters, striving to create a "picturesque Fenggang, ecological Fenggang." 2.5 billion yuan has been invested both in the face-lifting program of “two riverbanks" and the construction of the Fung-Hui Park [ full info >> ]
Fenggang has attached great importance to the building of brands derived from “the Kahke culture”, “cultures of overseas Chinese”, “the chess culture” and “the square culture”. It has also strengthened the construction of cultural infrastructure and carried out cultural activities.There are 120 well-preserved military watchtowers in Fenggang most [ full info >> ]
Information for Everyday needs

Media Contact
Party Affairs Office of Fenggang Town Tel: 0769-87512211
Publicizing Office Tel: 0769-87751231
Add: No.1,Administrative Service Center, Zhengtong Road, Fenggang Town
website: www.fenggang.gov.cn

Shaling bus station, Fenggang Town
Tel: 0769-87513786
Add: Shaling Crossroad, Yougangpu Village, Dongshen Road, FenggangTown

Taxi calling service number: 0769-23012345

Local Specialty
Fenggang dishes mainly feature hakka styles. There are Hakka dishes, Hakka stewed goose, Hakka Deep-fried Tofu .etc. Recommended restaurants are as follows:

Tiantian Fish Restaurant.
Tel: 0769-87280888 or 87504888
Add: Wulianfengping Street, Fenggang Town.

Furudonghai Restautant
Tel: 0769-87502222 or 87506888
Add: Fenggang Commercial Street, Hefuzhu Village, Sanlian Administrative District, Fenggang Town

Gladden Hotel (five-star)
Add: No.66-68.Fengshen Avenue,Fenggang Town

Castfast Hotel, (Four-star)
Add:Guanjintouhuijia Road, Fenggang Town

Yellow River Department Store, Commercial Street
Tel: 0769-87866666
Add: Yellow River Commercial Square, Commercial Street, Fenghuang Town

Xingao Department Store
Tel: 0769-87779188
Add: Commercial Street, Fenggang Town

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