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Dongkeng Town
Dongkeng, with an area of 27.5 kilometers, is located in the middle of the City of Dong Guan. It is close to Guangzhou in the North and Shengzhen in the South and borders with the five towns of Liaobu, Dalang, Changping, Hengli, and Chashan. Dongkeng governs 15 administrative villages or communities with a household registration population of 28,000 and more than 100,000 new Dongguanese (i.e. the floating population). Dongkeng is one of the important industrial satellite villages in the economic circle of the Delta of the Pearl River. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
In recent years the economy of Dongkeng has achieved sustained, rapid and sound development. In 2007 the GDP of the town was 3.38 billion RMB with an increase of 12% in comparison to the previous year; the total tax revenue reached 320 million RMB with an increase of 10.5%; the town-level administrative financial revenue was 260 million RMB with an increase of 25%; the town-level assets-liabilities ratio was 57.87% with a decrease of 4.14%. The actually utilized foreign investment in 2007 was 83.64 million US dollars. [ full info >> ]
Social Management
In recent years, the government and the party committee of Dongkeng has invested a large quantity of man power, material and cost to the social management. The rudiment of a “Harmonious Dongkeng” is revealing. The social public security has achieved great progress with the criminal ratio decreasing year by year and the sense of security in the public increasing. In 2007 the town was awarded one of the “Advanced Unit of Establishing Good-mannered Town”... [ full info >> ]
Education and Culture
In the process of modernization Dongkeng has made great efforts to develop education and culture and has achieved a great success. The education of infants, elementary school and high school has reached a historical height. Among five elementary schools and high schools of the town, one is listed as “Grade One School of Guangdong Province”, and two as “Grade One School of Dongguan City”. Dongken was awarded the honorary title in 2005 as one of the “Advanced Town of Education in Guangdong Province”. [ full info >> ]
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Media Contact
Publicity Office of Dongkeng Town
Add: the 4th floor of the main building of Dongkeng People’s Government, Zhongxin Road, Dongken
Tel: 0769-83381505
Email: dkxcb@dg.gov.cn
Website: http://dongkeng.dg.gov.cn

Dongkeng Bus Station
Add: the crossing of the Er’huan road, Dongkeng Town
Tel: 0769-83387689/83389028

Dongzhu Hotel:
Add: Dingwu, Zhongxin North Road, Dongkeng Town
Tel: 0769-83698888

Guangwei Hotel:
Add: No.2, Zhongxin North Road, Dongkeng Town
Tel: 0769-83691888

Dongyin Hotel:
Add: No.125, Dongxin Road, Dongkeng Town
Tel: 0769-83381118

Qirong Hotel:
Add: No.133, Dongxin Road, Dongkeng Town
Tel: 0769-83691118

Dexin Hotel:
Add No.241, Dongxin Road, Dongkeng Town
Tel: 0769-83385118

Dongzhu Hotel: same with the above
Guangwei Hotel: same with the above

New Land Sea Food Restaurant
Add: Zhongxin Road, Dongkeng Town, opposite to the Electricity Supply Company
Tel: 0769-83880998

ZKungfu Restaurant
Add: the 1st floor of the Dexin Hotel
Tel: 0769-83860355

Xiang Mantian Restaurant
Add: Dongxin Middle Road, Dongkeng Town
Tel: 0769-83020628

Northeast Dumplings Restaurant
Add: Dongxin Middle Road, Dongkeng Town
Tel: 0769-83865905

Wansheng Square
Add: Dongxin Middle Road, Dongkeng Town
Tel: 0769-83692901/83692902

Family Happiness Shopping Mall
Add: No.2, Dongxin Road, Dongkeng Town
Tel: 0769-83882798

Vanguard Supermarket
Add: Wenge Road, Dongkeng Town
Tel: 0769-88456998

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