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Qishi Town
The town of Qishi is located in the Northeast of the city of Dongguan. It neighbors the Dongjiang River in the North, and has an area of 58.9 square kilometers with a household registration population of 39,000 and a floating population of almost 100,000. The town lies in the economic golden aisle of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and endowed with this favorable location. It is close to Dongguan Railway Station where the line from Beijing to Kowloon of Hong Kong and the line from Guangzhou to Kowloon cross. [ full info >> ]
Natural Environment
The town of Qishi has beautiful scenery with lakes and mountains. There is one lake-the Dongya Lake, two rivers-Dongjiang River and Dongyin River, three banks-south bank of Dongjiang River and both banks of Dongyin River, four mountains-Xiagong Mountain, Huban Hill, Fei’e Hill and Jin Jiaoyi Mountain, and other hills, lakes and rivers in the town. It has desirable natural environment of green mountains and clean rivers. [ full info >> ]
History and Culture
The town of Qishi is the place that has the earliest human settlements in the city of Dongguan. It has a long history with profound culture. There are in the town many cultural heritages such as the shell mound site of Endless Happiness Nunnery with a history of 5,000 years, the old Autumn Maple tree with a history of 1,005 years, the ancient building complex of the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty at Jianbian Village, the ancient temple of Wong Tai Sin, [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
The town of Qishi has established its development orientation of “newly uprising industrial town with friendly environment” on the basis of its environmental advantage. The town has set down its development strategy of “existing upon environment, enforcing by industry and flourishing by business” and has constituted its newly development target of “environment, energy, benefit and harmony”. [ full info >> ]
City Construction
There are perfect infrastructure and auxiliary facilities in the town of Qishi. There is a water factory with the capacity of supplying 14 tons of water a day which can meet the needs of water for the industries and public living there at present. There are also two substations of 110kv with the total capacity of 300 thousands KVA, and one substation of 110kv will be constructed soon. [ full info >> ]
Information for Everyday Needs

Media Connection
Office of the Government of the Town of Qishi
Tel: 0769-86661001

Publicity Office of the Party’s Committee of the Town of Qishi
Tel: 0769-86663405
Government Website: http://qishi.gov.cn

Bus Routes: You can get to Qishi by taking bus No.75 or No.106 at Dongguan Bus Station, or taking bus No.86 at Liuhua Bus Station, or taking bus No.109 at Nancheng Bus Station, or taking bus No.305 at Houjie Station, or taking bus No. 266 at Changping Bus Station. You can also get to the town by interchanging with the above buses at the West Lake Bus Station of Shilong, Qiaotou Bus Station or Zhang Mutou Bus Station.

Self-Drive Routes: You can get to the town by taking the Eastern Express Way from the city of Dongguan and get out at the Qishi Exit, or by taking the Dongjiang Avenue and turning right at the cross of the Temple of Wong Tai Sin.

If you are in Guangzhou or Shenzhen, you can take the “Harmony” Express Train on the line from Guangzhou to Shenzhen and get off the train at the station of Shilong or Dongguan (Chang Ping). Then take bus or taxi to the town.
There are many bus lines and yellow taxis to take in Qishi.

There are two hotels in the town which are above 3-star and one under construction. They are:
Wahtong Cheng Hotel:
Add: No.1, South Hubin Road, the exit of the Eastern Express Way
Tel: 0769-86732288

Grand Diamond Hotel (suspending business because of re-decoration):
Add: No.1, Diamond Road
Tel: 0769-86662188

The Hotel of Diamond Peninsular is under construction and will be ready by the end of 2008.

Local Specialties
Nine Dishes of Flavours at Qishi

Sizzling Bean Curd in Abalone Sauce:
First Grade Sea Food Restaurant
Add: Sanheng Street, Zhenhua Road
Tel: 13802372777

Tie Gang Preserved Pork:
Tiegang Village

Cyprinoids and Sticky Rice:
Haikou Restaurant
Add: Liaoguang Road
Tel: 0769-86668030

Jiang Bian Water Bolus:
Jiangbian Village

Lightly Fried Fish Slice:
Juyuan Lou Peasant Food Restaurant
Add: Renmin Road, beside the telecommunication office
Tel: 13922516468

Fragrant Pork:
Qishi Village

Qishi Flavored Chicken:
Juyuan Lou Peasant Food Restaurant
Add: Renmin Road, beside the telecommunication office
Tel: 13922516468

Goose with Black Bean Sauce:
Yalan Restaurant
Add: Hubin Road
Tel: 0769-86715888

Goose and Homeycome Tripe:
Diamond Hotel
Add: Zhenghua Road
Tel: 0769-86662188

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