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Shipai Town
Located in the Northeast of the City of Dongguan, the town of Shipai has an area of 56 square kilometers. It governs 18 administrative villages and 20,000 resident population and a household registration population of over 4,000. Shipai is neighboring the Dongjiang River and nestling under the Yanling Mountain. In the North Shipai takes up 15 miles of the coastline of the Dongjiang River. In the South, there is Dongguan Ecological Park, which stretches for 10 miles. Shipai has favorable geographical position and convenient transportation. [ full info >> ]
History and Culture
Shipai has rich tourism resources and has a great potential for the development of tourism industry. In the town, various ancient cultural relics and architecture are well preserved. Among others, Tangwei ancient villages from the Ming and Qing dynasties are listed as “National key cultural relics coneservation unit” and “China famous village of history and culture”. Baotan Kangwang Temple and Yanling Ancient Stone Pit are listed as Guangdong provincial preservation unit of cultural relics. [ full info >> ]
Within the town of Shipai, there has formed a transportation network with one ring road, six horizontal roads and six vertical roads, welcoming friends from any place. At present the highways stretch for 137 miles and there are two cross-river highways. The main transport network is composed of 60-80-meter-width roads including Shipai Road, Shicong Road, Shiheng Shizhou Road and Longgang Road. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
In 2007 the GDP of Shipai was 3.525 billion RMB, with an increase of 24% in comparison the previous year. The total disposable financial revenue reached 0.402 billion RMB, an increase of 42.92%. The total amount of tax revenue was 0.435 billion RMB, an increase of 42.58%. The total volume of fixed assets investment was 3.78 billion RMB, an increase of 159.49%. The total amount of saving balance of rural and urban residents was 3.117 billion RMB, an increase of 7.86%. [ full info >> ]
Social Management
Shipai exerts great efforts on fostering a favorable social environmental administration, featuring “secured Shipai, credible Shipai and harmonious Shipai”. Monthly opened meetings for public security administration jobs emphatically analyze of the situation of social public order and solutions to hot issues concerning public security administration. 20 police spots are set up and video are used to cover and supervise each area so as to guarantee the social security. The market environment are optimized in an all-around way. [ full info >> ]
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Media Connection
Government website: http://www.shipai.gov.cn

Shipai Bus Station, located at the intersection of Shiheng Road and Gongye Dadao
Bus information enquiry hot line: 0769-86651909

Shipai Congwei Hotel (3 star)
Tel: 0769-86655333
Add: No. 491 Shipai Road, Shipai

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