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Chang'an Town
Chang’an is located in the Pearl River estuary and in the South tip of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The east of Chang’an is Fenglun adjoining Songgang Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City; the west is Shangjiao near Humen Town; the south is Dongbao River connecting Lingdingyang of the Pearl River estuary; the north is Lotus Mountain bordering Dalingshan town. So Chang’an has the title “place leaning on mountains and adjoining rivers [ full info >> ]
History: Jinkang Salt Field, Chang'an in the republican period
In the first year of Yuankang period in the reign of Hui Emperor of the West Jin Dynasty, this place was developed to be a saltern. It was named Jinkang Saltern in the fifth year of the Kaibao period in the reign of the first emperor of the Song Dynasty. It is written that "It has an area with the diameter tens of kilometers adjoining Likou, Shuanggang from the west and bordering Xin'an (currently Bao'an) to the east. [ full info >> ]
Development: Tremendous strength and top of Dongguan
Ever since the reform and opening-up Chang'an has made obvious achievements in economy and societal development, the comprehensive strength of which means it was listed third place in the "First National Top 1000 Towns in Comprehensive Development Level", the second place in the "Strong Towns in Comprehensive Economic Strength" of Guangdong Province [ full info >> ]
Industry: key town of electronic-industry; town known for moulds
Chang'an is an electronic and IT industry-intensive town of China and a town well-known for the mechanical hardware mould industry in China. There are more than 900 foreign corporations, 300 private enterprises and 3000 individual business households which engage in production, sales and service of the electronic and IT industry. [ full info >> ]
Culture: town filled with scents of culture flowers
This town is filled with the scents of culture flowers. In the past few years more than 500 million yuan has been invested in the construction of culture and sports facilities such as The Culture Center, Chang'an Square, the library and The Theatre of Cantonese Art. [ full info >> ]
Environment: ecological green city; appropriate for life and business
The construction of an ecological green city is always an important job for Chang'an to establish a modern town and improve people's living environment. Chang'an is a "National Top 100 Towns Excellent in forestation and Greening", "National Model Town for Town Construction" and "National Hygienic Town". [ full info >> ]
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Media Contact
Publicity Office of Chang'an Town
Add: 7/F, Administrative Affaire Center, No. 8, Dezheng Zhong Road, Chang'an Town
Tel: 0769-85533913-733, 732,722,753
Email: caxcb@126.com
Official website: http://www.changan.gov.cn

Starting point of buses running inside the town: Chang'an Bus Station

Starting point of long-trip buses running inside the province: Chang'an Bus Station, Golden Triangle

Lotus Villas Hotel, 5-star
Add: Foot of Lotus Mountain, Chang'an Town
Tel: 0769-85538388

Parkview Hotel, 5-star, Add: No.1, Jinxiu Road, Chang'an Town
Tel: 0769-85333333

Haiyatt Garden Hotel, Chang'an, 5-star
Add: Beside National Highway 107, Xiaobian Community, Chang'an Town, http://www.haiyatt.com
Tel: 0769-85318888

Chang'an Hotel, 4-star
Add: Crossing point of Provincial Highway 358 and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway
Tel: 0769-85532388

Lotus Hotel, 4-star, Add: Lianfeng Road, Chang'an Town
Tel: 0769-85536888

Wal-Mart Chang'an Branch
Add: 2-3/F, Pearl Plaza, No. 333, Dezheng Xi Road, Chang'an Town
Tel: 0769-81668500

Longzhou Department Store
Add: No.1, Yilong Road, Chang'an Town

Rainbow Shopping Mall
Add: 1-3/F, Xinyi Yicuihao Garden, Dezheng Zhong Road

Chang'an Town Darunfa Shopping Mall
Add: No.2, Zhen'an Zhong Road, Wusha Community, Chang'an Town

Chang'an Central Square
Add: Crossing Point of Erhuan Road, Sports Road and Changqing Road, Chang'an Town.

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