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Shatian Town
Shatian Town is located in the Southwestern part of Dongguan, at the crossing point of the East bank of Shiziyang of the Pearl River Delta and the estuary of the Southern outlet of the East River, in the middle of the Dongguan development zone between Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and in the economical center of the Pearl River delta. With an area of 107 square kilometers, it governs 16 village committees and one neighborhood, in which 38,000 permanent residents and 200,000 immigrant residents live. Shatian Town has a developed transportation network. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
In recent years, the economic strength of Shatian has been improving continuously. In 2007 Shatian realized a GDP of 5.38 billion yuan, gross industrial output value of 13.435 billion yuan, town-level disposable financial revenues of 442.75 million yuan, gross tax revenues of various sorts of 762.44 million yuan and gross value of exports of US$655 million. [ full info >> ]
History and Culture
More than 200 years ago Zhongtang County (natives of Machong) of Guangzhou City reclaimed land from the sea by forming shoals. Later on natives of Junpu Village of Houjie Town, Qiaotou Village of Houjie Town and Humen Town reclaimed land from the sea respectively in Yanggongzhou, Xitailong, Yisha, Renzhou and elsewhere. All this gradually attracted some people to living on the water (Danjia ethnic group) and farmers from Fanyu, Zhongshan and Shunde continue to live and establish villages here. [ full info >> ]
Urban Construction
Shatian Town strives to improve construction continuously with a focus on the construction of a new town of port specialties suitable for living and business. At present, the "two banks of one river" view, the lakeside view and the seashore view bond have primarily appeared. Construction of the downtown area of the town has formed an initial scale. The town's image and service function has been improved dramatically and living facilities have been further optimized. [ full info >> ]
Information for Daily needs

Media Contact
CPC Office of Shatian Town: Tel: 0769-88861001
Publicity Office: Tel: 0769-88862737, Add: Hengliu Nan Road, Shatian Town
Website of the government: http://shatian.dg.gov.cn

Shatian Coach Station, Tel: 0769-8866612
Taxi service call: 0769-23012345

Jiafu Harbor Hotel, 3 stars, 0769-88682888
Zhaokang Hotel, Tel: 0769-88660888

Special Food and Drinks
Delicious seafood is the special catering industry of Shatian and in recent years the successfully-constructed brand "Seafood Corridor has made itself a great place for traveling in Shatian.
Xiongji Restaurant of Seafood Corridor, Tel: 0769-88688448
Honghu Seafood Restaurant, Tel: 0769-88868168

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