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Dalingshan Town
The town Dalingshan located in Central South of Dongguan, with Chang’an Town to its South , Humen Town connected to the Southwest, Houjie Town and Southern District bordered to its West , Eastern District to its North , as well as Songshan Lake Science & Technology Industrial Park to its East. It is 25 kilometers away from Humen Harbor. The total jurisdiction area is 110 square meters with 23 villages (communities) and a permanent population of nearly 400,000, [ full info >> ]
Dalingshan enjoys a convenient transportation with China National Highway 107, Shida Highway and Houda Highway intersected throughout the entire town. Exits of Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Dongguan-Shenzhen, Changping- Humen, and Longgang-Shilong Expressways are beside the town which is only 28 kilometers away from Changping, where Dongguan Railway Station is located. [ full info >> ]
Pillar Industries
Dalingshan is a newly-emerged industrial satellite town. Currently there are over 1,300 various kinds of scaled foreign-funded enterprises, which fosters a cluster of industries taking furniture, printing and electronic products as the pillar. There are five enterprises within the list of World Top 500, namely, Akzo Nobel, Fuji Xerox, TOYOTA, Philippe, Dongguan Lilly Paint Industries Ltd., etc.. [ full info >> ]
Cultural Features
Dalingshan is rich in historical and cultural resources. Being one of the old liberated areas it’s not only the cradle for Dongjiang Column but also one of the national base areas in Anti-Japanese War(1937-1945). Today in Dawangling Village Revolutionary Site a large group of provincial-level historical relics, like United Newspaper Office, Zhongshan Academy, and Headquarter of the 3rd brigade of Dongjiang Column are still preserved in good condition. [ full info >> ]
Tertiary Industry
Dalingshan is rich in land and tourism resources. You may find picturesque subtropical sceneries along the hills in its Southwest, with ancient trees penetrating the sky and snaky grotto formed by clusters of stones in fantastic shapes. Dalingshan Forest Park, Mount Mashan and Genggu Tower Natural Scenic Spot were later built upon here, which have become popular holiday resorts for both residents and tourists. [ full info >> ]
Information for Everyday Needs

Media Contact
Publicizing and Education Office, Dalingshan Township Committee
Add: Room 308, Dalingshan Township Government
Tel: 0769-83351135
Government website: http://www.dalingshan.gov.cn

The newly-built China National Highway 107, Shida Highway, Houda Highway, and Lianma Highway run across the entire town, while the exits of Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Dongguan-Shenzhen, Changping-Humen, and Longgang-Shilong Expressways are set in/beside the town. It is adjacent to Changping Railway Station and Humen Habour and only 40 minutes’ drive to Shenzhen Bao’an Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.

Special Diet
There are many local special diets in Dalingshan, just as the local saying goes, “Delicious snake, beautiful goose and fragrant dog meat”. Hakka radish rice, Pumi rice( a rice cooked and sundried), sticky rice wine, together with local snacks of Red rice ball, spongy cake, and sticky rice balls are all to the full satisfaction of many guests.
1. Snake Soup.
Surrounded by hills Dalingshan abounds in various kinds of snakes and specializes in a wide selection of snake banquets, especially the snake soup, which was simmered with a blending of different types of snakes, young chickens, and Chinese herbal medicine. It is truly a specialty representing snake cuisine.
2. Dalingshan Roast Goose
It’s not only famous in Dongguan but also in the neighboring cities and towns, including Hong Kong and Macau, where people especially come here to have a taste. Xiangdong Road in Ailingkan Village has even developed into “Fried Goose Street”.
3. Hakka Dog Meat
Hakka cuisine culture is popular in Dalingshan, as there live many Hakkas in the town. Hakka Casserole Dog Meat is the most famous Hakka specialty.

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