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Hongmei Town
Hongmei Town is located in the Northwest of Dongguan City abutting the Pearl River estuary. It is 22 kilometers away from the city proper of Dongguan, 35 kilometers from Guangzhou, 80 kilometers from Shenzhen and 100 kilometers from Hong Kong. These geological and transport advantages make it an economic corridor of Guangdong and Hong Kong. With Hongmei Town as the center point cities that are within the 100 kilometer radius include Guangzhou and Foshan in its north, Hong Kong and Shenzhen in the south, Dongguan City proper and Huizhou in the east and Zhongshan, Zhuhai and Macau in the west. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
In recent years Hongmei Town has stepped up efforts to develop models of innovation, promoting an investment environment, and proactively attracting foreign funds in order to achieve an economic boom. Such internationally famous enterprises as Taiwan Taibo Group and Hong Kong Liwen Group Paper Making Co., Ltd. have been encouraged to invest here. Currently there are more than 100 enterprises of all kinds among which 70 are foreign-funded and more than 30 are private enterprises. [ full info >> ]
In recent years Hongmei Town has increased its social causes in culture, education, sports and hygiene. The society is in good order and people here live and work in peace and contentment. Hongmei Town was honored as the town with the strongest education and the tidiest hygiene in Guangdong. It has set a target of "building a waterside town with unique customs in the regions south of the Five Ridges covering Guangdong and Guangxi provinces". [ full info >> ]
Information for Everyday Needs

Media Contact
Hongmei Town Committee Publicity Office, No.1, Fuqian Street, Hongmei Town
Tel: 0769-88841446

Hongmei Town Bus and Passenger Terminal, which takes up an area of over 40 mu will come into operation in 2008.

Grand View Hotel
Add:No.1, Yingbin Avenue, Hongmei Town
Website: http://www.grand-view-hotel.com
Tel: 0769-88848888

Special Food and Drink
Three boiled bones is a dish renowned far and wide. It first appeared in 1995 when a stall named Xie Jinxin Stall in Meisha Village was set up and soon became popular. Among the flocks of frequent diners a majority of them were alcoholics. One day an alcoholic who could no longer control himself seized some bones before they were boiled for 3 times and went with wine. In his first bite it struck him that the taste was far beyond what was made in the traditional way. Thus so began the "three boiled bones". A catering street specializing in this dish has since formed.

Business and Trade
In Hongmei Town there are 2 large supermarkets, namely Huasheng Shopping Square and Xinpeng Emporium. Both of them are situated at the mainstream of traffic and are crowded with customers.

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