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Liaobu Town
Located in the geographical center of Dongguan, the town Liaobu neighbours the downtown and is adjacent to Songshan Lake Science & Technology Industrial Park. It enjoys convenient transportation, with the Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway running through the entire town. Dongguan-Zhangmutou and Shilong-Dalang super highway, the newly-built Songshan Lake Thoroughfare, Dongguan Eastern Express Trunk Line as well as the Downtown Ring Road intersect the town and almost every corner of Dongguan can be reached within half an hour’s drive. [ full info >> ]
History and Culture
Liaobu, founded during the reign of Emperor Tai Zong (627-649) of the Tang Dynasty boasts a history of over 1350 years. In ancient times, Liaobu was so named as the villagers built thatch huts (Liao is the ancient pronunciation for huts) in the upper reaches of the Hanxi River, which was later developed into markets. In as early as the Ming and Qing dynasties the renowned "Guan Incense" was sold here and Liaobu was entitled "Incense Market", [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
Liaobu endeavors in optimizing its second industry and expanding its tertiary industry. To optimize the second industry mainly refers to the development and expansion of the manufacturing industry leaded by IT and its associated industries by putting priority on the self-innovation of private enterprises for the build-up of famous brand names. Real estate, business and trade are the core in expanding the tertiary industry. [ full info >> ]
City Construction
Taking “Planning in advance; construction on strict standard and management in high efficiency” as the principle and the construction of the new downtown as the key, Liaobu has embarked on the renovation of old downtown areas. In 2003 the overall city planning was completed, highlighting the guidance of building a modern city by immersing into the downtown areas. Liaobu was mainly divided into Northern District (North of Guanzhang Road), Central District ( from Guanzhang Road to Songshan Lake Thoroughfare), [ full info >> ]
Social Construction
In Liaobu, there are 63 medical institutions including 15 outpatient departments as well as 47 clinics, medical stations, health institutes, nursing stations and sanitary offices, with 559 medical personnel and 227 equipments priced over 10,000 yuan, among which 27 with prices below 500,000 have been added, and the original value for the fixed assets is 659.7 million. [ full info >> ]
Information for Everyday Needs

Media Contact
Government website: http://liaobu.dongguan.gov.cn

With Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway running through the entire town, Dongguan-Zhangmutou and Shilong-Dalang super highways, Songshan Lake Thoroughfare, Dongguan Eastern Express Trunk Line and Downtown Ring Road intersecting within, this town has an advanced and modern transport network, and almost every corner of the city can be reached within half an hour's drive. The distances to Guangzhou Airport, Shenzhen Airport, Shenzhen Luohu Entry-Exit Inspection and Humen Port are all within 30-40 minutes' drive; it's only 10-15 minutes drive to Dongguan Customs and Dongguan Railway Station.

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Main shopping streets: Jiaoyu Road, Shenqian Road, Dongfang Commercial Street, Leshi Avenue
Main stores: Jiarong Liaobu Shopping Center; Xin'an Supermarket; Daxin Store;
Wanjiafu Shopping Center

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