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Gaobu Town
Gaobu Town is located in Northern Dongguan, a waterside region close to the city proper. Its 3 sides are surrounded by tributaries of the Dongjiang River. It has convenient water and land traffic. It is 1 kilometer away from National Highway 107. Linking road sections for the Guangyuan East Expressway and Beihuan Road segment of Shihua Road run through the town. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
During the 30-year reform and opening up, Gaobu Town has undergone a sustainable economic boom. In 2007 the town's GDP reached 5.49 billion yuan; the gross industrial and agricultural output value was 11.43 billion yuan; the total tax revenue was 590 million yuan; the balance held on deposits in the financial system was 4.7 billion yuan; and social income per capita was 11,268 yuan. Gaobu Town has formed an industrial production system mainly made up of electronic manufacturers, ironware, shoemaking, plastics and mini-motors.
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History and Culture
Gaobu Town was first set up as a village in the Southern Song Dynasty (1174). During the Qing Dynasty after more than 800 years (1823), the town gradually formed 37 natural villages. Gaobu Town has been under Dongguan Prefecture/City jurisdiction historically. In 1961, the Gaobu People's Commune was founded. In 1983, it was named Gaobu District which was canceled in 1986 and renamed Gaobu Town. [ full info >> ]
Customs and Folklore
Gaobu Town is located in the waterside region of the Pearl River Delta. Its fertile land ensures stable yields even with drought or excessive rains. The natural economy is relatively well off, the population is multiplying and its villages are booming. There has been a dragon boat racing custom here for nearly 300 years. All of its 19 village communities have dragon boats and hold a race every year. [ full info >> ]
Information for Everyday Needs

Media Contact
Gaobu Town Committee Publicity Office, No. 1, Yanhe Road, Gaobu Town, Dongguan City
Tel: 0769-88871007
Official Website: http://www.dggb.gov.cn

Dongguan Bus and Passenger North Terminal, Luxi, Beiwang Zhong Road, Gaobu Town
Website: http://www.gbbus.cn
Tel: 0769-88706333, 88783788 or 88780998

Chinflux Mandarin Hotel, four stars, No. 50, Zhenxing Road, Gaobu Town
Tel: 0769-88878888

Special Food and Drink
Gaobu Town has the cultural food and drink characteristics of a waterside region. According to Dongguan records people here are fond of fish balls, especially the fish balls of Xiansha Village, namely Xiansha fish balls. With a history of more than 100 years, the fish balls have markets inside and outside Dongguan. So far there are over 10 processing shops of different sizes making fish balls, with a total annual output of up to 180 tons. In addition Gaobu Town is known for its Bao'anwei buckled meat slices, Gaobu sausages, preserved skull meat and other traditional foods, all of which are highly valued both inside and outside Dongguan City.

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