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Shijie Town
Shijie Town lies between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, in the north of Dongguan, separated by a narrow strip of water and exposed to the city proper. It is the home of Yuan Chonghuan, a national hero during the latter part of the Ming Dynasty, and is hailed as "the pearl of Dongjiang River" by Guan Shanyue, a master painter of Chinese paintings. Shijie Town has a total area of 36 square kilometers, a population of permanent residents of over 40,000 and a temporary population of over 200,000. [ full info >> ]
Comprehensive Capacity
Ever since reform and the opening up, Shijie Town has made full utilization of its geological advantages to proactively implement an outward-oriented pull strategy and expand an outward-oriented economy, thus achieving a sustainable, speedy, harmonious and healthy boost to the economy. In 2007 the GDP of Shijie Town reached 10.2 billion yuan; the gross industrial and agricultural output valued 37. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
In the early 1980s Shijie Town set the development of industries-the electronic information industry in particular as its goal-and devoted great effort to them. After 20 years of sustainable development the town now has more than 1,400 industrial enterprises, among which more than 500 are foreign funded and 18 are listed overseas. In Shijie Town the electronic information industry is thriving hugely: there are more than 190 foreign-funded enterprises of this type and 14 are listed overseas. [ full info >> ]
Shijie Town has continually stepped up its efforts to urbanize by building a district for the electronic information industry, with the style of the Jiangbin Garden in mind. Considerable investment has been put into improving the infrastructure and supplementary facilities by generating a network of water and power supply, telecommunications, and road transportation. [ full info >> ]
Information for Everyday Needs

Media Contact
Publicity, Science and Education Department of Shijie Town Committee, No.1, Zhengwen Road, Shijie Town
Tel: 0769-86631067
Official Website: http://shijie.dg.gov.cn

Shijie Town Bus and Passenger Terminal, north of Chonghuan West Road
Tel: 86633268

Nanbei Garden Hotel, 5 stars, Mingzhu Road Shijie Town
Website: http://www.nanbeigardenhotel.com
Tel: 0769-86018888

Delight Empire Hotel, 4 stars, No.18, Chonghuan Road, Shijie Town
Tel: 0769-81812222
Website: http://www.d-empire.cn

Hotel Luxury, 3 stars, Dongfeng Road, Shijie Town
Tel: 0769-86633333

Food and Drink
Nanbei Garden Hotel, Delight Empire Hotel, Hotel Luxury, and Tanghong Food and Drink Street (Haiba Restaurant, Golden Pond Restaurant, Flower Garden Restaurant and Red Gulf Restaurant)

Business and Trade
Huarun Shopping Plaza at Chonghuan Road, Shijie Town
Baihui Central Shopping Plaza at Mingzhu Middle Road, Shijie Town
Guangming Business Street at Guangming Road, Shijie Town
Nantian Huajia Business Street at Qingfeng West Road, Shijie Town
Hovering Dragon Walking Street at the Skyline Pavilion, Shijie Town

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