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Wangniudun Town
Geologically a waterside region, Wangniudun Town is located in the west of Dongguan City and at the lower reaches of the Dongjiang River. It has an area of 31.57 square kilometer. It was transformed from a district to a town in April 1987. Currently it has a total population of 90,800, among whom 44,600 are permanent residents and 46,200 are temporary citizens. There are 21 village committees and 1 community under its jurisdiction. It lies in the middle of the economic corridor of Guangzhou City and Shenzhen City. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
After 30 years of reform and opening-up, Wangniudun's comprehensive economic capacity has been greatly strengthened. Early in 1984 it was awarded as a "town with 100 million yuan". In 1986 it was verified as an industrial satellite town by the provincial government. In 2007 its total output value reached 1947.5 million yuan against 111.69 million yuan in 1990, an increase of 16.44 times [ full info >> ]
Ever since reform and opening up, Wangniudun Town has placed high emphasis on the construction of infrastructure and investment in large projects. In 2006 the project "two points one line"-namely the constructing of the Cultural Square of the town, rebuilding and upgrading the Wangniudun-Hongmei passageway and Guangzhou-Shenzhen passageway segment-was put into full practice thus further perfecting the functional facilities of the town. [ full info >> ]
Education and Culture
Riding the East Wind of reform along with opening up and economic boom, Wangniudun has made great attainments in culture and education. In 2007 it was successfully awarded "the town without unverified internet cafee"; the Cultural Square was appraised as an "excellent cultural square of Dongguan". [ full info >> ]
Information for Everyday Needs

The town's bus and passenger stations have direct shuttle buses to almost all the cities of Guangdong and some other provinces. All the town villages can be reached by bus, facilitating the public's travel needs to a large extent.

Special Food and Drink
The Chinese Catering Street at the Xindiancheng Road is famous for integrating many delicious dishes, such as Canton, Guangxi and Sichuan dishes. There are some local specialties-such as Xiacao fish balls, Duwu baked goose, three-boiled bones, and "Shouzhua" (hand picking)-that attract people in the vicinity.

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