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Dongcheng District
Located in the middle of Dongguan, it takes up an area of around 110 square kilometers. There are 22 communities and 2 state-owned forest farms under its jurisdiction. It contains 70,700 permanent population and over 300,000 temporary residents.In recent years, Dongcheng has stepped up efforts in promoting economic and social restructuring and has achieved a fast and sound trend of development by adhering to a target of improving the well-being of its people and communities
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constantly optimized and upgraded industry
Dongcheng District has invested billions in developing and building three intensive industrial bases in Tongsha, Foreign Trade and Outskirts, by introducing more than 80 projects, among which 30 have been put into production, including Meiwei Electric Circuit Co., Ltd., Dongcheng Dongxing Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd., Huarun Snow Beer, Dongguan Shengyi Electronic Co., Ltd., and many other large-scale, high-level and strong projects. [ full info >> ]
constantly strengthened scientific and technological creativity
Dongcheng puts high priority on upgrading its industries by promoting technological innovation and economic restructuring. Since 2007 it has consecutively invested 165 million yuan in fortifying Dongcheng with technology. What's more an appropriation of 10 million yuan was made by the City's Finance Department to set up a fund awarding and supporting those who have made great contributions [ full info >> ]
fast-growing private enterprises
Dongcheng has stepped up efforts to support the development of its private enterprises by carrying out a pull strategy for name-brand companies and encouraging them to follow a route of strengthening enterprise with name brands and technology. [ full info >> ]
Booming business and trade
Dongcheng has put the project of "Dongguan-a business and trade center" into full play by making Dongcheng Avenue the center, with Huayuan Xinchun, Zhushan, Dongtai, Xiaqiao and Tongsha serving as supporting points. [ full info >> ]
urban construction
In recent years, the key construction projects in Dongcheng have reached up to 10 with a total investment of 4 billion yuan, including the development projects of Tongsha Ecology Garden and Huangqishan Mountain City Garden. [ full info >> ]
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Media Contact
Dongcheng District CPC Dongcheng District CPC Administration Office: Tel: 0769-22331382; Publicity Office: Tel: 0769-22331612
Official Website: http://dongcheng.dg.gov.cn

Dongcheng Bus Passenger Terminal, Niushan Village, Dongguan-Chang'an Road, Tel: 0769-22690868

Sofitel Royal Lagoon Dongguan, five stars
Tel: 0769-22698888
Add: No.8, Yingbin Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City

Dongcheng International Hotel, five stars
Tel: 0769-22688888
Add: No. 3, Dongcheng Dong Road, Dongguan City

Shibo Plaza
Tel: 0769-22032007
Add: No. 283, Dongcheng Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City

Food and Drink
Dong Cheng 13 Bowls, Tel: 0769-222909618 or 22312120, Dongsheng Road, Dongcheng District
Yifeng City Square, Tel: 0769-22341053, Huolianshu, Dongcheng District
Dongcheng Bar Street, Tel: 0769-2208888, Dongcheng Nan Road, Dongcheng District

Business and Trade
Dongcheng Customs Pedestrian (Dongcheng Avenue)
Shibo Plaza (Tel: 0769-22032888, Dongcheng Avenue)
Haiya Department Store (Tel: 0769-22031116, Dongcheng Avenue)

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