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Humen Town
[In Brief]Humen Town is located on the East bank of the Pearl River mouth, with a total area of 178.5 square kilometers and an annual average temperature of 22.4 ℃. There are 31 community neighborhood committees under its jurisdiction. It has a permanent population of 120,000 and a migrant population over 500,000. [ full info >> ]
Comprehensive Capacity
Its economic capacity strengthens year by year. In 2007 its GDP reached 18.289 billion yuan, an increase of 23.6% compared to that of the previous year. The gross value of industrial output was 45.834 billion yuan, an increase of 11.3%. Investment in fixed assets reached 5.301 billion yuan, an increase of 2.77%. [ full info >> ]
Traffic Condition
Humen is an important city in Southern China with quite developed transportation. Its land, water and air transportation are very convenient and easy to use. For example, in water transportation, Hongye Container Terminal and Shajiao Hezi Dock are now under planning and construction. They have been verified by the State Council as Class A ports, open to navigation to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and many other areas in South China. [ full info >> ]
Economic Development
Its economic structure has been constantly optimized to reach the strategic goal of combining interior and exterior resources as well as industry and commerce. In line with priorities that agriculture should be stable, industries streamlined and the tertiary industry strengthened, Humen has refashioned business and trade while maintaining the stable development of its industries. It has formed a layout of prosperous industry—in business and trade, modern logistics, tourism and finance. [ full info >> ]
Urban Construction
Construction of the commercial city is under steady progress. Starting from 2002 when the target of developing towers of commerce was set, more than 26 million yuan was budgeted and invested: 5 projects for overall planning and 21 projects for detailed planning. The controlled and planned areas cover 11,760.54 hectares. Over 80% of the land used for building and all Humen communities have been controlled and planned properly making Humen one of the few towns and districts that have a basically full coverage of controlled and planned projects. [ full info >> ]
History and Culture
Humen is not only economically strong but also culturally charming, time-cherished and rich in tourist resources. From the ancient Beiqiu relic in the Neolithic Age to the morden Opium war sites such as Lin Zexu Opium-Destruction Pool, Weiyuan Emplacement, Shajiao Emplacement, from the former residence of the heroes of anti-Japanese invaders Jiang Guanglai to the Zhixin Memorial Monument in honor of the soldiers pursuing democracy, from the grand Humen Bridge and to the imposing Maritime Warfare Museum, [ full info >> ]
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For media from Hong Kong and Macau:
Publicity Office of Humen Town Committee
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For overseas media:
Organization and Human Resource Office of Humen Town Committee
Tel: 85511756.
Official Website:http://www.humen.gov.cn

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