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Jobs and salary
1:30:00 PM (from Ron)
Seriously considering moving over to china. What are the salarys like and where are the job boards? I know of china hot but are there any others? I don't want to have a too high salary expectation so any feedback is appreciative. Thanks


Hi Ron, thanks for your question even though its really hard to answer. First thing you need to think about is that China is a really big place and local job boards tend to cover only a very small area all things considered.

now with regards to salary, like back home it depends on what industry your in. If you work for a western company but are based in China then you will get a very good salary as its much cheaper to live here. If you are a ESL teacher then your salary would be a lot lower. It really dose depend on what you are doing.

Personaly I would do a Google search on Expat living in China and firstly find a place you like the look at and then start to research that. Like I say China is so very big, one city can be very different to another just for climate alone.

Once you find an area that you like the look at, search for local expat sites for that area and you should be off and running.

Hope this helps


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