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12, clears College Entrance Exam, enrolled  (8/22/2009)
Migrant children more vulnerable  (8/22/2009)
Drunk driving inspector caught driving drunk  (8/22/2009)
Work on Shenzhen's tallest building begins  (8/21/2009)
Shenzhen debuts in first World City Expo  (8/21/2009)
Chinese boy in coma lifted from A/H1N1 flu quarantine  (8/20/2009)
HK, SZ to jointly develop Qianhai  (8/20/2009)
Guangzhou residents spend record amounts dining out  (8/20/2009)
Temperature rises by 0.4℃ per decade in Guangzhou  (8/19/2009)
Vice mayor of Shenzhen disciplined for disco fire  (8/19/2009)
Guangdong seeks more economic co-op with Argentina  (8/19/2009)
South China Book Festival to open in Guangzhou on August 20  (8/19/2009)
English training prepares Guangzhou taxi drivers for Asian Games  (8/18/2009)
Guangzhou seeks DNA records for bar workers  (8/18/2009)
Medical bill runs high for H1N1 patient  (8/18/2009)
Father gets verbal beating for locking daughter in car  (8/18/2009)
Officials work to stop flow of 'hot money'  (8/18/2009)
1st aid leaves Shenzhen for Taiwan  (8/18/2009)
20 Shenzhenese chosen for Togo volunteers  (8/17/2009)
Couples battle it out for lucky wedding date  (8/17/2009)
War on drink driving  (8/17/2009)
Student with flu 'critical'  (8/14/2009)
Asian Games Special: Local dishes get international safety approval for Asian Games  (8/13/2009)
Patients to pay new service fee  (8/13/2009)
Guangzhou, Foshan & Zhaoqing seal foreign trade & economic cooperation agreement  (8/13/2009)
Guangdong reports first "critical condition" case of A/H1N1 flu  (8/13/2009)
'Iron Hammer' to coach Guangdong local club  (8/12/2009)
China's export-oriented province aims high with new energy  (8/12/2009)
Guangdong to grant preferential policies on 3G technologies  (8/11/2009)
Bureau to control mapping and surveys  (8/11/2009)
Asia Energy Forum opens in Guangzhou  (8/11/2009)
Asia Energy Forum opens in Guangzhou  (8/11/2009)
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