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Cold snap on the way  (11/18/2011)
iPhone 4S fever hits Hong Kong  (11/15/2011)
Supermarkets found to sell substandard food  (11/15/2011)
Teacher tortures young boys over stolen phone  (11/15/2011)
Airline to add six overseas flights  (11/11/2011)
Baby killer tells court she was driven crazy by fortune teller  (11/11/2011)
Postman delivers help to aging couple  (11/10/2011)
110th Canton Fair closes  (11/10/2011)
Degree recognition between GDUFS and two universities in Japan and South Korea  (11/10/2011)
Guangzhou promotes 1.15 million energy-saving lamps before next March  (11/10/2011)
Olympic champions’ gold awards ‘fake’  (11/9/2011)
Husband under fire for failing to prevent rape  (11/9/2011)
Second-hand iPhone 4 price remains high  (11/9/2011)
Guangzhou to build China's first 'Environmental Future' museum  (11/8/2011)
Guangzhou to build international media port  (11/8/2011)
Canton Fair sees small export rise amid Europe and U.S. crises  (11/8/2011)
Most organs donated by migrant workers  (11/8/2011)
20,000 jobseekers attend CIEP  (11/7/2011)
Half of fortune 500 companies invest in Guangzhou  (11/7/2011)
Baby dumped in plastic bag in S China  (11/6/2011)
Prince Andrew in South China  (11/6/2011)
Zhu Xiaodan becomes acting governor of Guangdong  (11/6/2011)
First foreign executive headmaster of university in Guangdong  (11/4/2011)
RMB settlement favored by importers at Canton Fair  (11/4/2011)
Good deeds to be protected by law  (11/4/2011)
Hong Kong talent returning home  (11/4/2011)
Shenzhen International job fair opens  (11/4/2011)
Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway trials start next year  (11/3/2011)
Scientist finds new way to fight cancer  (11/3/2011)
CBA Pre-season: Guangdong beats Qingdao 84-71  (11/3/2011)
German companies increase manpower in China  (11/3/2011)
Local SMEs face funds shortage  (11/2/2011)
Overseas Chinese Culture Festival to begin in Nov.  (11/2/2011)
Shenzhen average home price down 0.23%  (11/2/2011)
Flights between Singapore and Guangzhou to be increased  (11/1/2011)
Super computer to run next month  (11/1/2011)
The 4th Overseas Chinese Culture Festival to be held in November  (11/1/2011)
Guangdong seals deals of 9.8 billion USD in Poland  (10/31/2011)
Parents may take more days off  (10/31/2011)
9,500 new energy vehicles in 2012  (10/31/2011)
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