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Cloudy, rainy weather to last in South China  (2/26/2012)
Foxconn hides underage workers prior to FLA audit  (2/24/2012)
Lead poisoning sickens 37 in south China  (2/24/2012)
What do they want? More female toilets  (2/24/2012)
200 Hepatitis C cases claimed in Guangdong  (2/24/2012)
Shenzhen to open municipal miniblog  (2/23/2012)
Shenzhen to attract 1,800 overseas professionals  (2/23/2012)
Guangzhou police bust armed car-theft gang  (2/23/2012)
Guangdong investors gain easier access to enter Kuwait market  (2/23/2012)
Guangdong police net hundreds in raid  (2/22/2012)
Guangzhou - Maldives direct flight suspended  (2/21/2012)
Family fighting to preserve old house  (2/21/2012)
Social workers decry low pay  (2/21/2012)
Foxconn hikes wages, to cut overtime  (2/21/2012)
4.8-magnitude earthquake hits Guangdong  (2/17/2012)
19 rescued from shipwreck in South China Sea  (2/17/2012)
Guangdong to deepen cooperation with Malaysia  (2/17/2012)
Agencies for HK births cut services  (2/17/2012)
Shenzhen nears 2m registered vehicles  (2/17/2012)
Jan. foreign trade slides  (2/17/2012)
Heyuan earthquake sends tremors to Shenzhen  (2/17/2012)
Shenzhen-Wuhan link to open in March  (2/16/2012)
iPads still sold in Shenzhen  (2/14/2012)
Man makes rose bridal gown to propose to girlfirend in Guangzhou  (2/14/2012)
Guangdong to crack down on commercial crimes  (2/13/2012)
Shenzhen-Zhongshan corridor route decided  (2/13/2012)
Residents eye U.S. tours  (2/13/2012)
Matches hard to find despite busy job fair  (2/13/2012)
BGI opens center in Europe  (2/13/2012)
Jan. CPI in Shenzhen up 3.9%  (2/13/2012)
Canadian PM pledges closer energy cooperation in Guangzhou  (2/11/2012)
Guangdong to crack down on commercial crimes  (2/11/2012)
First folk financial street in China to built in Guangzhou  (2/9/2012)
Guangzhou focuses on "local debts" in 2012  (2/9/2012)
Spanish boss threatens employee  (2/9/2012)
Official car restrictions for cleaner air  (2/9/2012)
Shenzhen to release haze data monthly  (2/9/2012)
Border crossing mulled for private cars  (2/8/2012)
Alleged fake eggs seized  (2/8/2012)
Gun-carrying jewelry store robber tracked down  (2/8/2012)
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