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Defending champions Guangdong Hongyuan make semifinals of CBA playoff  (3/29/2011)
'Diplomat Cup' Invitation Golf Tournament held in Dongguan  (3/28/2011)
Dongguan Entry-Exit Inspection offers green channel for passengers from Japan  (3/28/2011)
Coming-of-Age Day  (3/28/2011)
Songshan Lake Equestrianism Club makes its debut  (3/25/2011)
6 Dongguan-Shenzhen crossborder toll stations to be removed  (3/25/2011)
Housing administration denies property-purchasing limitations  (3/24/2011)
Police camp open day held in Dongguan  (3/24/2011)
Japanese aftershocks to hit Dongguan  (3/23/2011)
Dongguan's social work wins national award  (3/23/2011)
Cold fornt to affect Dongguan since tommorrow  (3/21/2011)
Dongguan assures salt supply amid radiation fear  (3/18/2011)
Dongguan suspends mail service to quake-stricken cities in Japan  (3/18/2011)
Ante upped for police gamblers  (3/18/2011)
Dongguan plans to build earthquake emergency shelters  (3/17/2011)
26,896 apply for civil service exam in Dongguan  (3/16/2011)
Flowers flourish in Songshan Lake  (3/16/2011)
Dongguan tourists back from quake-hit Japan safe  (3/15/2011)
A new cold front arrives in Dongguan  (3/15/2011)
Four Dongguan businessmen on Forbes billionaire list  (3/14/2011)
China's young migrant workers planning for permanent life in the cities  (3/14/2011)
International cycling race to be staged in Huangjiang this year  (3/11/2011)
Guancheng Cultural Square can serve as emergency airfield  (3/11/2011)
Green-wave control system to be installed in city arteries  (3/10/2011)
Exhibition showcases the elegance of chopsticks  (3/9/2011)
Dongguan teenagers to fight national basketball league  (3/8/2011)
Dongguan to open 30 budget grocery stores  (3/8/2011)
Cycling race draws 1,700 contestants in Dongguan  (3/7/2011)
Dongguan holds water-pouring festival  (3/7/2011)
Dongguan's tourism revenue hits 19 billion yuan last year  (3/7/2011)
Dongguan's tallest skyscraper in Houjie  (3/7/2011)
Labor department to inspect enterprises' minimum wage  (3/4/2011)
Xinjiang Oust Dongguan 108-102  (3/3/2011)
Free access to Sci-Tech Museum & Keyuan for women  (3/2/2011)
500 migrant workers apply for free PKU project  (3/1/2011)
Easier for Taiwan residents to apply entry permit  (2/28/2011)
Labor shortage continues despite salary hikes  (2/28/2011)
Dongguan aims to construct National Famous Historical & Cultural City  (2/28/2011)
Enjoy x-game on Huangqi Mountain  (2/28/2011)
Labor-Selling Festival to kick off on March 6  (2/27/2011)
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