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Dongguan vows to eliminate malaria in seven years  (4/28/2011)
Babysitter sentenced to 11 years in prison for theft  (4/27/2011)
Dongguan to establish 5 more colleges within 5 years  (4/27/2011)
Maldives set up traveling experience center in Dongguan  (4/26/2011)
'Dongguan Tennis Centre' begins construction  (4/26/2011)
Noodle makers closed due to illegal additives  (4/26/2011)
Liaobu to build Dongguan’s first flight experience paradise  (4/25/2011)
2 to 4 tropical cyclones forecast to hit Dongguan in 2011  (4/25/2011)
2011 Taiwan Trade Fair concludes with transactions over 2 bln CNY  (4/24/2011)
2011 Dongguan Taiwan Competitive Products Expo kicks off  (4/22/2011)
Foreigners’ crime rate in Dongguan on the rise  (4/22/2011)
New airport code for Dongguan  (4/22/2011)
Dongguan to pilot household garbage sorting in June  (4/20/2011)
3 cities to develop border area  (4/20/2011)
Dongguan home to 14,600 millionaires  (4/19/2011)
Dongguan to launch traffic control during Universiade  (4/18/2011)
Guangdong rally to beat Xinjiang in CBA finals Game 2  (4/18/2011)
Dongguan unveils 19 emergency measures to support Japanese enterprises  (4/17/2011)
Drunk driving to become a crime next month  (4/14/2011)
Tiger's swing change paying off  (4/13/2011)
Top Chinese Music Chart Awards presented in Dongguan  (4/12/2011)
Chinese Grammy Awards held in Dongguan today  (4/11/2011)
Dead woman's family receive 450,000 yuan bill  (4/11/2011)
Guangdong sweep past Dongguan through to finals  (4/11/2011)
Guangdong Hongyuan close to CBA final  (4/7/2011)
Guangdong thump Dongguan by 58 points in CBA semifinal  (4/6/2011)
Stage highlights in Dongguan Yulan Theatre this April  (4/3/2011)
Ballet 'The little mermaid' canceled in Dongguan  (4/3/2011)
First Taiwan businessmen-financed hospital in China to open in July  (4/3/2011)
Dongguan to welcome 150 thousand tomb-sweepers  (4/2/2011)
Self-taught Dongguan painter shows his works in SZ  (4/1/2011)
Dongguan releases property price-control target  (4/1/2011)
Dongguan to implement pilot project of waste sorting  (3/31/2011)
Akognon's 43 points gift Dongguan decisive win in CBA quarterfinals  (3/31/2011)
Dongguan remove 17 tollgates from borders  (3/31/2011)
Dongguan's first silicon thin film solar cell project launched  (3/31/2011)
Nine tollgates removed from borders  (3/31/2011)
Dongguan audit authority discloses misuse of government spending  (3/30/2011)
Prices of electronic items soar after Japan quake  (3/30/2011)
Miss Tourism of the Globe 2011 Dongguan Area kicks off  (3/29/2011)
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