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Court ready for killer of disabled twin sons  (6/1/2011)
Bus tickets for Dragon Boat Festival available now  (5/31/2011)
Dongguan won third prize of ‘Innovation Awards of Transformation of Pattern of Economic Development’  (5/31/2011)
Dongguan emphasis local brand cultivation  (5/31/2011)
T-Mark wholesale supermarket opens tomorrow  (5/30/2011)
Alan Smith visits Ecological Industrial Park in Dongguan  (5/30/2011)
Hot weekend ahead in Dongguan  (5/27/2011)
Test sites selected for Dongguan’s garbage classification scheme  (5/27/2011)
Donguan’s population approaches 8.22 million  (5/27/2011)
Zongzi prices rise by 10 pct. this year  (5/26/2011)
Dongguan honored for effort in environmental protection  (5/26/2011)
Nestle raises production capacity in Dongguan  (5/26/2011)
Universiade security training  (5/25/2011)
Wet nursing job revives in China  (5/24/2011)
25 Dongguan migrants start free study at Peking University  (5/23/2011)
Dongguan expects more rain  (5/23/2011)
Sino-Japanese Aerobics Arts Exchange Performance held in Dongguan  (5/20/2011)
Global request for Dongguan’s 'city elements'  (5/20/2011)
Kindergartners' naked sunbathing arouses controversy  (5/19/2011)
Mother who took the life of sons gets support  (5/18/2011)
Neighbors beg mercy for mother who killed retarded twins  (5/17/2011)
Dongguan's largest office building will open 16th May  (5/13/2011)
Heavy rains forecast for next six days  (5/13/2011)
Dongguan's cross-boarder settlement in RMB surges  (5/12/2011)
Dongguan ranked fifth in Guangdong’s happiness index  (5/12/2011)
Illegal cooking oil factories busted in Guangdong  (5/11/2011)
Pop group "Yu Quan" on nation tour in Dongguan  (5/11/2011)
Dongguan ranked 14th for competitiveness  (5/10/2011)
Dongguan’s taxi fuel surcharge raised to 2RMB  (5/10/2011)
Female traffic police to safeguard students  (5/9/2011)
Dongguan’s GDP increases by 10.8% in Q1, inflation by 4.4%  (5/9/2011)
Shenzhen driver detained for drunk driving  (5/5/2011)
Dongguan tourist killed in Taiwan train crash  (4/30/2011)
126km highway to connect Dongguan, Huizhou and Heyuan  (4/30/2011)
Guangdong Dongguan Bank defends CBA title  (4/30/2011)
Dongguan Party Chief accepts live online interview  (4/30/2011)
The 13th Dongguan China Shoes kicks off  (4/29/2011)
Dongguan named "Tourist City with Most Investment Value"  (4/28/2011)
187 buildings submitted as sites of historical interest  (4/28/2011)
Reporting hit-and-run drivers to be rewarded  (4/28/2011)
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