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Scorching weather expected to continue  (7/6/2011)
'Mother of abstract art' to display works in Dongguan  (6/30/2011)
First Taiwan bank to enter Dongguan soon  (6/29/2011)
Mother jailed over drowning cerebral palsy twins  (6/29/2011)
Guangzhou Consular delegation taste Litchi in Dongguan  (6/27/2011)
Dongguan has the most potential for cooperation with UK  (6/27/2011)
Dongguan's automobile dream a step closer  (6/27/2011)
Cuban Consul General visits Dongguan  (6/25/2011)
Measures released to attract talented high-tech personnel to Songshan Lake  (6/24/2011)
China Int'l Animation Copyright Fair invites official mascots  (6/23/2011)
Dongguan vehicle ownership to exceed one million  (6/23/2011)
Swiss company seeks rail contract with Dongguan  (6/23/2011)
Student-run supermarket opens in Dongguan  (6/22/2011)
World's longest dragon boat debuted in Machong  (6/22/2011)
John Coutis: Never say Impossible!  (6/21/2011)
Workers on strike in Japan wristwatch factory  (6/21/2011)
4-dimensional rollercoaster manufactured in Dongguan  (6/17/2011)
Asian Figure Skating Championship to be held in Dongguan  (6/17/2011)
The 3rd FECF attracts over 1000 foreign-invested enterprises  (6/17/2011)
City officials experience a Low-carbon Day  (6/16/2011)
Nation recognizes more cultural heritages in Dongguan  (6/16/2011)
Dongguan welcomes Low Carbon Day  (6/15/2011)
Songshan Lake home to a quarter of all innovative research teams in Guangdong  (6/15/2011)
The 3rd FECF to kick-off on 15th June  (6/15/2011)
Foreign business boost in Dongguan  (6/15/2011)
Mosquitoes rampage at city’s canal  (6/13/2011)
Sculptures to be placed in the City’s Central Square  (6/13/2011)
Fish fry released  (6/11/2011)
Public hearing washout over water price hike  (6/10/2011)
Dongguan’s environment improved, yet more efforts needed  (6/10/2011)
Dongguan greets Disney stars  (6/9/2011)
Lost for 10 days, hiker found!  (6/8/2011)
All-in-One Residence Permits coming in August  (6/8/2011)
Tainted Taiwan food imports banned  (6/7/2011)
Food safety leaflets distributed on Children’s Day  (6/3/2011)
Smoking ban of limited effect  (6/3/2011)
Dongguan holds dragon boat races  (6/3/2011)
Factory owner detained amid additive scare  (6/3/2011)
'High-risk' exiles flood Dongguan  (6/2/2011)
Drunk driver pleads guilty at court  (6/1/2011)
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