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Final of the 3rd Dongguan Oral English Contest to be staged on Dec.11  (12/10/2011)
Shoe factory strike  (11/25/2011)
Yi leads defending champions to easy victory  (11/21/2011)
NBA launches training center in Dongguan  (11/21/2011)
Three migrant workers elected legislators in Dongguan  (11/15/2011)
CBA: Guangdong defeats Dongguan 83-69  (11/9/2011)
More rain forecasted for Dongguan  (11/8/2011)
Foxconn shelves US$100m project in Dongguan  (11/4/2011)
Dongguan gets 36.55m yuan for charity work  (10/31/2011)
Hospital hides baby from parents who owed money  (10/28/2011)
36 receive honorary citizenship in Dongguan  (10/25/2011)
BEA China opens new sub-branch in Dongguan  (10/21/2011)
China starts building first spallation neutron device in Dongguan  (10/21/2011)
Dongguan sees 8% GDP growth in first three quarters  (10/20/2011)
Vietnam party chief pays visit to Dongguan  (10/18/2011)
Dongguan has 30 schools qualified to employ foreign teachers  (10/17/2011)
2 men arrested for abducting school girls for sale  (10/14/2011)
Yuan Baocheng appointed Acting Mayor of Dongguan  (10/14/2011)
Dongguan Library opens foreign language branch  (10/13/2011)
Tourism revenue grows to 1.98bn RMB during National Holiday  (10/13/2011)
Dongguan expands old-age allowances  (10/12/2011)
Dongguan Clarifies Terms for IIT Declaration  (10/12/2011)
Dongguan lacks great number of social workers  (10/5/2011)
Dongguan to resume loan fund for SEMs  (10/5/2011)
New office building for Dongguan Radio & TV Station  (9/29/2011)
Dongguan Radio & TV Station Transforms into Digital HD  (9/29/2011)
Major animation fair opens in Dongguan  (9/29/2011)
Migrant workers take college entrance exam  (9/27/2011)
The 3rd Animation Fair to be opened in Dongguan on Sept 28  (9/20/2011)
Dongguan's CPI up 5.8% in August  (9/16/2011)
"Living in Dongguan" guidebook released  (9/15/2011)
Gerresheimer adds medical moulding capacity  (9/14/2011)
Overload protection failure to blame for elevator plunge  (9/14/2011)
Cosmetics sales trainer jailed for raping 9 women  (9/14/2011)
Elevator crash  (9/12/2011)
Dongguan unveils mascot for animation fair  (9/1/2011)
Four more high schools put into use in Dongguan  (9/1/2011)
Showers to welcome September  (8/31/2011)
New quarantine tags for dogs and cats  (8/31/2011)
Traffic restrictions along main roads  (8/31/2011)
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