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Beijing and Dongguan make flying starts in CBA playoffs  (2/24/2012)
Pure EV projects in Dongguan not very mature, says DDRB director  (2/22/2012)
Worker suicides prompt investigation  (2/22/2012)
Dongguan and Guangzhou sign cooperative framework agreement  (2/16/2012)
20 schools in Dongguan qualified to recruit foreign students  (2/15/2012)
S.F. Express in convenience store push  (2/7/2012)
Lantern Festival celebrated in Dongguan  (2/7/2012)
Forest parks see 1.12 mln visitors during holiday  (1/30/2012)
Dongguan 2011: GDP up 8 pct, per capita income up 10 pct  (1/23/2012)
Spring Festival Flower Fair opens  (1/19/2012)
Dongguan listed on 2011 World's Top 200 Characteristic Charming Cities  (1/19/2012)
Consumers’ tips offered  (1/18/2012)
Dongguan flower fair highlights intangible cultural heritage performances  (1/13/2012)
Distance learning brings migrant workers closer to dreams  (1/12/2012)
Yuan Baocheng elected mayor of Dongguan  (1/12/2012)
Cab driver killed in police's nightclub raid  (1/11/2012)
Fake peanut oil seized from shelves  (1/11/2012)
Li Yuquan elected chairman of Dongguan's political advisory body  (1/10/2012)
Dongguan PM2.5 data revealed for the first time  (1/10/2012)
Rape flowers sea in Qiaotou, Dongguan  (1/10/2012)
Border land popular  (1/9/2012)
Dongguan's legislature starts annual session  (1/8/2012)
First Taiwan bank to open branches in Dongguan  (12/31/2011)
Legislature and political advisory bodies to start annual session  (12/31/2011)
Residents now have free access to 8 forest parks  (12/31/2011)
Houjie to build Dongguan’s tallest skyscraper  (12/30/2011)
Two banks approved in China  (12/28/2011)
Guangdong Cloud Computing Alliance made debut in Dongguan  (12/24/2011)
Two arrested in gun attack case in S China  (12/24/2011)
Dongguan to begin train ticket sales for Spring Festival travel rush  (12/23/2011)
So far off broadway it's in China  (12/23/2011)
Strong showing for Chinese cities on list of Asia-Pacific cities of the future  (12/23/2011)
Dongguan retains "National Civilized City"  (12/21/2011)
Dongguan basketball club extends winning streak  (12/20/2011)
Girl dumped 430km away by hit-and-run driver  (12/20/2011)
Dongguan International Sci-tech Cooperation Week opens  (12/16/2011)
CPI in November rises by 5.7%  (12/13/2011)
Reunion dinners for Chinese New Year's Eve in hot demand  (12/13/2011)
Migrant workers offered access to university  (12/13/2011)
Nestle aquires majority stake of Dongguan sweet company  (12/11/2011)
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