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Guangzhou - Maldives direct flight suspended
http://www.dongguantoday.com    2/21/2012 9:52:00 AM

Major travel agencies in Guangzhou have been informed by the airlines that from March 1, 2012, the direct flight from Guangzhou to Maldives will be suspended.

Affected by the instable political situation of Maldives, some airlines have modified the flight policy of the direct flight to Maldives. For example, China Southern Airlines will suspend the direct flight from Guangzhou to Male from March 1 to April 28; and Hong Kong Airlines will suspend the direct flight from Hong Kong to Male from February 21 to March 24. An Weiwei, the principal of the Room Hotel Reservation and Ticket Booking Reservation Center of Guangdong China Travel Service Co., Ltd. told the reporter that the modification of the flight to Maldives was not only for the political situation but also for the high cost of the direct flight. Airlines often modify flights in slack and busy seasons. Generally, fewer Chinese tourists travel to Maldives in March and April, so this modification can be explained as one choice in the slack season.

Source: newsgd.com & english.gz.gov.cn

Source:newsgd.com  Editor: Zhou Mingfeng