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Survey: 40% of men dislike Valentine’s Day
http://www.dongguantoday.com    2/14/2012 9:18:00 AM

About 40 percent of men don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which can stress the wallet and the mind, a survey by Hong Kong-based Phoenix Magazine said.

The survey showed that 32 percent of men spent 200 to 500 yuan (US$32-79) on Valentine’s Day, while nearly 20 percent shelled out more than 1,000 yuan for the festival of love.

“It is a waste of time and energy,” Chen Heqiang, a public servant in Futian District, said yesterday, the eve of today’s Valentine’s Day.

In a chat group on Renren.com, China’s largest social networking service, many netizens suggested money-saving ideas for Valentine’s Day, such as making paper roses and greeting cards or group-buying dinner coupons online.

Although many men oppose huge expenses on Valentine’s Day, Shenzhen’s hotels, restaurants and tourism attractions are capitalizing on the annual occasion with promotions.

Average prices for many Valentine’s activities increased by more than 30 percent this year, because of sharp increases in operation and labor costs.

“The Valentine’s dinner is 588 yuan for two people, nearly 30 percent more expensive than last year, but all the tables have been booked,” said a manager at a Raindrops restaurant in Futian District.

The average price for a romantic dinner at one of the city’s luxury, five-star hotels is about 1,500 yuan.

Flower prices also increased by 50 percent over the weekend.

According to an online report on Chinese young people’s opinions of love, released Sunday by a matchmaking Web site, 69 percent of Chinese men have an intimate female friend. In Sichuan Province, 74 percent of men have an intimate female friend, the highest rate in the country.

“Valenswine’s Day,” one day before Valentine’s Day, also has become a popular issue on microblogs this year.

“For cheating men, Valentine’s Day is for wives or girlfriends, but Valenswine’s Day is for mistresses. They have no excuses to leave their wives or girlfriends alone on Valentine’s Day so they have to do it one day before. Wives and girlfriends should check out where your men have been Feb. 13,” said a netizen called “Chuishuitan” on a Sina microblog.

Stephy Wang

Source:Shenzhen Daily  Editor: Tan Jing