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Express delivery service to require ID cards
http://www.dongguantoday.com    2/11/2012 11:21:00 AM

China plans to implement a real name system for express delivery in a bid to reduce the number of crimes which result from express deliveries, Guangzhou Daily reports.

A plan is being formulated for the implementation of the system. Under the new regulations, customers need to show their identity cards, and couriers are requested to open the package to inspect and verify the posting and delivery of goods.

Responses to the policy have been mixed. Some netizens said that the policy was not easy to implement, since couriers cannot check packages carefully during peak delivery times. Besides this, some customers are not keen on cooperating with the new regulations. Online shop owners have pointed out that the new policy could lead to the loss of customers who want to remain anonymous.

Despite these disputes, the issue of delivery safety has proved to be a consistent problem. The case of the Hangzhou Yuantong Express bombing last year injured two people. And in Guangzhou, a man was seriously injured after unfolding a package last week.

Ren huaqiao, manager of the Yuantong Express branch in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, told the reporter for Hangzhou.com that the real name system has already been on trial among the 25 delivery companies in Shaoxing since 2010.

Zhe said that the profits of all the delivery companies in Shaoxing were affected for a short period of time after the initial implementation of the policy. It is notable, however, that in the long run the real name policy can enhance the safety of the entire industry, because it helps to prevent crimes being carried out through express delivery services, and prevents the circulation of contraband goods, Zhe added.

Source:CRIENGLISH.com  Editor: Tan Jing