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First folk financial street in China to built in Guangzhou
http://www.dongguantoday.com    2/9/2012 11:47:00 AM

Chen Jianhua, Mayor of Guangzhou Municipality conducted site investigations at Guangdong Sages Museum, Changdi Financial Street and Memorial Square of CYL's 1st National Committee, etc. in Yuexiu District on February 3, 2012. It is learned that Changdi Financial Street under preparation is expected to be built into the first folk financial street in China.

On February 3, Mayor Chen Jianhua and his party heard the detailed report about the latest planning and construction progress of Guangdong Sages Museum. During his visit at Guangdong Sages Museum, Chen Jianhua gave concrete advices on the construction details and planning concepts of the project. He said, in terms of the construction of Guangdong Sages Museum, the historical elements of Five Immortals Daoist Temple can be duplicated to form a uniform architectural mode and style. On the completion of this project, a tablet engraved with inscription may be erected to pass the traditional cultures to later generations.

It is learned that the preliminary works of Changdi Damalu Financial Street, the first folk financial street in China integrating the functions of folk financing and high-end business has been launched. After hearing relevant reports, Chen Jianhua stressed that modern service businesses like legal and intermediary services should be introduced to the street as effective supports to highlight the service functions of the street. He said that environmental construction like fire prevention and public security works should also be the core concern of the project, thus making the street a safe street for the public. He also said that the project should play the accumulative effect of modern finance to drive the economic development of surrounding regions; and with unified planning, efforts should be made to build the street into a financial street with the characteristics of Yuexiu, Guangzhou and even China, reproducing the economic prosperity of Guangzhou Changdi in the history.

Chen Jianhua also stressed that Yuexiu District should play the demonstration role during the process of building Guangzhou into an international trade center and a famous world cultural city.

Source:english.gz.gov.cn  Editor: Zhou Mingfeng