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Forest parks see 1.12 mln visitors during holiday
http://www.dongguantoday.com    1/30/2012 4:06:00 PM

Visitors in Shuilianshan Forest Park on January 26th. (Dongguan Times)

More than 1.12 million people have visited the city's six forest parks during the Spring Festival holiday (Jan.21st-Jan. 27th), according to the latest statistics released by the Dongguan Forestry Bureau.

Forest parks have seen slight decrease of visitors because of the chilly weather compared with the Spring Festival holidays last year, but the number is still large. According to the figure released by the city's forestry authority, more than 1.12 million people visited the city's six forest parks.

On the eve of the Spring Festival (Jan. 21st), the six forest parks received about 188,400 visitors, about 244,100 visitors on January 22nd, 64,400 visitors on the January 23rd, 118,200 on January 24th, 133,100 on January 25th, 143,200 on January 26th, and about 232,000 on January 27th.

Qifeng Park, one of the city's six forest parks, is the most popular festivity destination. The long history of Huangqi Mountain and the ancient temple on it attracted 690,000 visitors to worship traditional values and systems. The convenient downtown location and convenient traffic control are two reasons suggested as to why Qifeng Park is so popular according to an official from Dongguan Forestry Bureau.

Official figures were respectively 89,000 visitors for Mt.Daling Forest Park; about 31,000 for Tongsha Ecological Park; over 95,600 for Yinpingshan Forest Park, 181,000 for Shuilianshan Forest Park and 36,800 for Dapingzhang Forest Park.

Source:Dongguan Today  Editor: Zhou Mingfeng