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Spring Festival Flower Fair opens
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The 2012 Spring Festival Dongguan Flower Fair began on January 17

The 2012 Spring Festival Dongguan Flower Fair began on January 17at Yuan Mei Road in Nancheng District, featuring flower arrangement and intangible cultural heritage performances.

Showcasing tangerine, high-end potted flowers, chrysanthemum, herb, man-made flowers as well as festival decorations, the flower fair opens from 9 AM to 9 PM, from January 17 to January 22. Occupying an exhibition area of more than 25, 000 square meters with over 300 booths, the fair is expected to attract over 200,000 visitors.

A competitor is taking part in a flower arrangement competition at the The 2012 Spring Festival Dongguan Flower Fair on January 17

According to the fair's organizer, the high-end flower booths will mainly open to local flower shops, while tangerine and chrysanthemum booths will mainly open to flower growers from other places.

The price of the flowers at this fair is expected to increase, said the fair's organizer, take moth orchid for example, the market price is anticipated to be 70-80 RMB for each individual plant, an increase of 40 percent over the previous year.


1st flower arrangement competition

The 1st flower arrangement competition will be included in Dongguan flower fair this time. More than 100 competitors will showcase their innovation and flower arrangement skills. The winners' artwork will be sold to donate for Dongguan Red Cross. At the same time, a charity will be raised for those in need.

Intangible cultural heritage performances

Intangible cultural heritage performances will be presented at the flower fair, puppets shaped Chinese character "happiness", "prosperity", and "longevity" will also get interact with visitors.

Dongguan typical products on display

Typical products characterizing Dongguan culture such as Dongguan sausage, malt sugar will be on display.

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Source:Dongguan Today / Newsgd.com  Editor: Zhou Mingfeng