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Dongguan has 30 schools qualified to employ foreign teachers
http://www.dongguantoday.com    10/17/2011 10:37:00 AM

Photo Source: Dongguan Daily

On 12th October, Dongguan's Education Bureau released an official list of Dongguan schools approved to employ foreign teachers. According to the list, the number of qualified schools has increased to 30 as of the end of September 2011.

In addition to the six public schools, the remainder compromise private schools and two language training institutions (English First in Nancheng District and Meten English in Dongcheng District). "St. Lorraine English Kindergarten" is the only kindergarten on the list, which is settled in Dongguan's Changping Township. Of more than 600 kindergartens in the city, St. Lorraine's is the only facility approved to hire foreign teachers.

According to research conducted by Dongguan's Education Bureau, the number of foreign teachers employed in Dongguan has seen fast growth over the past two years. Research last December showed that there were 98 foreigner teachers in kindergartens, primary and middle schools throughout the city. While the Education Bureau has been busy inspecting illegal recruitment, and removing illegally employed foreign teachers, they found that many foreign teachers are teaching in Dongguan on tourist visas instead of work visas, which is illegal.

Certain group institutions actually hire foreign teachers in an official capacity for their elementary or secondary schools, while in reality they are actually placed in kindergartens. Dongguan's Human Resources Bureau confirms that according to regulations, foreigners may not be engaged for cross-departmental work in the PRC unless pre-approved. Accordingly, they can work within a group as long as they report to the city's Human Resources Bureau, before commencing work, to register their actual duties.

According to the Work Permit Rule's for Foreign Experts in Guangdong Province, cultural and educational teachers should have bachelor's degree or above, and more than 2 years related work experience lecturing in their mother tongue. Foreigners who apply for a teaching position should only go to those schools or other educational institutions which are qualified to directly employ foreign experts.

By law, the employer must proceed with registering the teacher with a Foreign Experts Certificate, Work Permit or Employment Permit before work may commence. The employer is required to go to Dongguan's Municipal Human Resources Bureau and Dongguan's Municipal Public Security Bureau to proceed with the relevant paperwork and obtain final approval.

(By Stefanie Tan)

Schools Qualified to Employ Foreign Teachers

  School Address Tel
1 Dongguan University of Technology东莞理工学院

No.1 Daxue Rd, Songshan Lake 东莞市松山湖大学路1号

2 Guangdong University of Science and Technology (formerly called Dongguan Nanbo Polytechnic School) 广东科技学院(原东莞南博职业技术学院) No.99, Xihu Rd, Nancheng District 东莞市南城区西湖路99号 86211880
3 Guangdong ATV Professional Academy for Performing Arts广东亚视演艺职业学院 No.1, Hujing Rd, Area 138, Tangxia Township东莞市塘厦镇湖景路1号 87728928-3327
4 Dongguan Middle School东莞中学 No.62,Dongzheng Rd东莞市东正路62号 22119828
5 Dongguan No.1 Middle School东莞市第一中学 No.178, Weiye Rd in Niushan, Dongcheng District东莞市东城区牛山伟业路178号 22666280
6 Houjie Specialized Technical School东莞市厚街专业技术学校 Zhixiao S. Rd, Education Park, Houjie Township东莞市厚街镇教育园区职校南路 85812482
7 Chang'an No.2 Primary School东莞市长安镇第二小学 No.2, Shangyang Rd, Xiaobian, Chang’an Township东莞市长安镇霄边上洋路2号 81627703
8 Donghua High School东莞市东华高级中学 Guangming Rd, Dongcheng District东莞市东城光明路 22637808
9 Oriental Pearl School东莞市东方明珠学校 No.1, Mingzhu Road, Shatian Township广东东莞沙田镇明珠路1号 88668185
10 Taiwan Businessmen’s Dongguan School东莞台商子弟学校 Shangyi Village, Huangchong Area, Zhongtang Township东莞市中堂镇潢涌区上一村 88880808-6335/6126
11 New Century School东莞市新世纪英才学校 Zhentian N. Rd, Fenggang Township东莞市凤岗镇镇田北路 87773222-3217
12 HS-Kama International School东莞市华南师大嘉玛学校 Zengbu District, Chashan Township东莞市茶山镇增埗 86867868
13 Humen Foreign Language School东莞市虎门外语学校 Sea Battle Rd, Weiyuan Island, Humen Town东莞市虎门威远岛海战馆路 85130188
14 Beijing Normal University Hanlin Experimental School东莞市北师大翰林实验学校 No.5 Chuangye Rd, Wangjiang District东莞市万江区创业工业路5号 22783211
15 Dongguan Shizhu School Attached to Beijing Normal School北京师范大学东莞石竹附属学校 No. 398, Dongshen Avenue, Qiaotou Township东莞市桥头镇东深大道398号 83564788
16 Shijie Newman School东莞市石碣新民学校 Chonghuan E. Rd, Shijie Township东莞市石碣镇崇焕东路 86363888
17 Winnerway Foreign Language School东莞市宏远外国语学校 Jinfeng Garden residential area, Nancheng District东莞市南城区金丰花园小区 22426303
18 Foreign Language School Attached to Sun Yat-Sen University东莞市中大附校外国语学校 Golf Garden residential area, East Huangcheng Rd东莞市环城东路万科城市高尔夫花园内 83030262
19 New Asia Foreign Language Primary School东莞市光大新亚外国语学校 Kingview residential area, Dongcheng District东莞东城景湖春晓街区 22991482、22991483
20 Houjie Junior Oxford International School东莞市厚街小牛津学校 Kenkou Village, Tingshan District, Houjie Township东莞市厚街镇汀山坑口村 83085296
21 South Foreign Language School of Songshan Lake东莞市松山湖南方外国语学校 Northern Industrial Area, Songshan Lake东莞市松山湖北部工业园 23078789
22 Boya Foreign Language School东莞市博雅外国语学校 Qinlin residential area, Yangwu Village, Dalingshan Township广东省东莞市大岭山镇杨屋中惠沁林山庄 81662166
23 St. Lorraine Anglo-Chinese School东莞市常平莱恩学校 Zijin Garden residential area, Changping Township东莞市常平镇紫荆花园内 83399600
24 Villas Royal Foreign Language School东莞市南城御花苑外国语学校 Villas Royal residential area, near Shuilian Mountain Reservoir, Nancheng District东莞市南城区御花苑外国语学校 22121456
25 Shipai Nuopei Primary School东莞市石排诺培小学 Zhongken Village, Shipai Township东莞市石排镇中坑村 86520775
26 Guangming Primary School 东莞市光明小学 Guangming Village, Dongcheng District东莞市东城区光明村 22671378
27 St. Lorraine English Kindergarten东莞市常平莱恩幼儿园 Jiaoyu Rd, Zijin Garden residential area, Changping Township东莞市常平镇紫荆花园教育路翰林雅苑 83915071
28 Dongguan Youth Activity Center东莞市青少年活动中心 No.3, Yuanmei Rd, Nancheng District东莞市南城区元美中路3号 22835199
29 Dongguan English First Education Center东莞市南城英之辅语言培训中心 3/F of Jinying Attached Building, Shenghe Rd, Nancheng District东莞市南城区胜和路金盈大厦附楼三层 22806638
30 Meten English Training Center东莞市东城美联英语培训中心 4/F, Century Plaza, Dongcheng Center, Dongcheng District东莞市东城区东城中心世纪广场4层 88058060

Source:Dongguan Today  Editor: Sev Pischl