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30 schools qualified to employ expats
On 12th October, Dongguan's Education Bureau released an official list of Dongguan schools approved to employ foreign teachers. The number of qualified schools has increased to 30 as of the end of September 2011.
Beijing and Dongguan make flying starts in CBA playoffs  (2/24/2012)
Pure EV projects in Dongguan not very mature, says DDRB director  (2/22/2012)
Worker suicides prompt investigation  (2/22/2012)
Dongguan and Guangzhou sign cooperative framework agreement  (2/16/2012)
20 schools in Dongguan qualified to recruit foreign students  (2/15/2012)
S.F. Express in convenience store push  (2/7/2012)
Lantern Festival celebrated in Dongguan  (2/7/2012)
Forest parks see 1.12 mln visitors during holiday  (1/30/2012)
Dongguan 2011: GDP up 8 pct, per capita income up 10 pct  (1/23/2012)
Spring Festival Flower Fair opens  (1/19/2012)
Cloudy, rainy weather to last in South China  (2/26/2012)
Foxconn hides underage workers prior to FLA audit  (2/24/2012)
Lead poisoning sickens 37 in south China  (2/24/2012)
What do they want? More female toilets  (2/24/2012)
200 Hepatitis C cases claimed in Guangdong  (2/24/2012)
Shenzhen to open municipal miniblog  (2/23/2012)
Shenzhen to attract 1,800 overseas professionals  (2/23/2012)
Guangzhou police bust armed car-theft gang  (2/23/2012)
Guangdong investors gain easier access to enter Kuwait market  (2/23/2012)
Guangdong police net hundreds in raid  (2/22/2012)
Beijing to build world's busiest airport  (2/26/2012)
Chinese iPad dispute escalates in America  (2/26/2012)
Yao Ming surprised by Lin's success  (2/26/2012)
Jordan sues Chinese sportswear firm  (2/24/2012)
Land subsidence: Is 2012 coming?  (2/24/2012)
Tibetans celebrate New Year  (2/22/2012)
Jeremy Lin takes up Yao's mantle  (2/22/2012)
World traveler reunited with bike in Wuhan  (2/22/2012)
China urges expanded financing for affordable housing  (2/21/2012)
Legal methods urged to stem private debt crisis  (2/21/2012)
1,500-year-old handwritten Bible kept in Turkey  (2/26/2012)
29 countries sign anti-EU carbon fee declaration  (2/24/2012)
FBI releases records on Steve Jobs  (2/11/2012)
U.S. shuts down Syria embassy  (2/8/2012)
Europe cold snap claims 260 lives  (2/6/2012)
UK to enhance security for Olympics  (1/26/2012)
U.S. issues Dragon Stamp to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year  (1/25/2012)
Year of Dragon celebrated worldwide  (1/22/2012)
WWII Bomb scares Winter Youth Olympics  (1/21/2012)
Singaporean PM still best paid after wage cut  (1/6/2012)
The Opening Ceremony of Dongguan Today
Lion (Dragon, Kylin, Phoenix) Dance
Inheriting of humanistic spirit city
the cultural life of Dongguan's people is colorful and reflected
Cultural Weekend
Metropolitan Rainbow
The New Eight Sceneries
Misty Rains of Songshan Lake
Morning Light upon the Avenue
Central Square
Humen Bridge
Greenery of Gradation in Huying
Scent of Blossoms in Banling
Herons of Lotus Mountainr
Moon Reflection over Jinsha Bay
The Eight Relic Sceneries
Heroism at the Old Fortress
Enchantment in Keyuan Garden
City Gate of Fortune
Prehistoric Haogang
Huangchong Ancestral Temple
Nanshe Village’s Charm
The Jin’ao Tower Silhouette
Prowess of Dongzong
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