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Yuehui Garden

Dongguan Cantonese Opera Museum
Yuehui Garden located in Daojiao Town near the Pearl River estuary has a gross area of more than 730 mu including: a more than 240 mu water area, a private garden with the characteristics of “Lingnan (South China) Watery Region Culture” established by private enterprises. Yuehui Garden has a magnificent layout integrating the traditional art of Lingnan gardens with modern aesthetic values. Fanwen Hall with a gross area of about 10,000 m2 is the main building in the garden and is at the top of the Lingnan archaized buildings and preserves the art essence of Lingnan culture. Nanyun Hall is a classical theatre in which the beautiful sound of traditional Yue (Cantonese) Opera can be heard. Adept artistry and Lingnan culture can be seen from many scenic spots like Wuyuan Fang, Poem Corridor and Guishui Bridge. In 2006 the Dongguan Cantonese Opera Museum was completed and opened in Yuehui Garden blending museum exhibitions with Cantonese Opera performance and cultural traveling.

Address:No.1, Yuehui Road, Daojiao Town, Dongguan City
Opening time:8:30-20:00

Yuehui Garden