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Haogang Site Museum of Dongguan

The Haogang shell mound site was discovered in the 1980’s. The Guangdong Provincial Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Institute carried out archaeological excavations on the site from April to October, 2003. The area of the dig was 272 sq.mts and it unveiled ancient living relics and tombs belonging to the primitive Haogang community. A large number of stone tools, pottery, urns, bone utensils and other relics were unearthed. The Haogang shell mound and the Qishi Wanfu’an shell mound sites are the earliest ancient human habitation dwellings in the Dongguan region, dating back approximately 5,000 years.

The Haogang Site Museum of Dongguan is the first museum ever built on location at a prehistoric site in Guangdong Province. With a total area of 4,645 sq.mts, the museum has a construction area of 1,659 sq.mts. It was designed by the Dongguan native architect Mo Bozhi, an academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and an expert in Lingnan traditional architectural design. The museum’s name was inscribed by Rao Zongyi, a renowned scholar in the field of cultural literature, in his own calligraphy. The structure of the museum was conceived to resemble a shell; the choice of red and white colors to embellish the building is symbolic, with the red representing the red sandstone typical of the Lingnan area, while the white represents the oyster shell. In order to reproduce the living conditions of the Haogang people 5,000 years ago, artifact exhibits and methods to recreate scenes were implemented in the museum. State-of-the-art technology in sound, lighting, electro-mechanics, multimedia was used to create dramatic effects. The museum exhibition area is divided into three floors and several specific areas; they are namely “The Time Tunnel”, “The Exhibits Area”, “The Haogang Heritage Hall”, “The Sanjiang Painted Pottery Exhibit Hall”, a temporary exhibition hall, and an interactive exhibition hall.

The Haogang Site Museum of Dongguan opened in June 2007.

Haogang Site Museum of Dongguan