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Songshan Lake conference held to discuss Hu Jintao’s 1st July speech  (8/3/2011)
Students gathered to explore beauty of Songshan Lake  (6/15/2011)
Linpang Zong, a differently shaped zongzi  (6/3/2011)
Chang’an worker ran from Henan to Dongguan  (5/12/2011)
Blessed are those who stay  (5/6/2011)
Qiaotou schools to teach Mok Gar Kung Fu  (3/10/2011)
Qiaotou resident hailed as ‘Chinese Mensches’  (1/14/2011)
Cycad Flower Restaurant  (8/31/2010)
3 projects shortlisted as intangible national cultural heritages  (6/8/2010)
Dongguan Cuisine Festival  (5/31/2010)
Hong Kong Tourism Festival (Zhangmutou)  (5/28/2010)
Qiaotou Lotus Arts  (5/28/2010)
Hengli Red Lichee Festival  (5/28/2010)
Dongguan Dragon Boat Festival  (5/27/2010)
'Butterflies' to make first Chinese musical landing in Europe, U.S.  (5/14/2010)
Han Culture lovers bless for quake-hit Yushu in Han costume  (4/20/2010)
Qingxi Taichi Fist delegation win gold medals  (3/22/2010)
Labor-Selling Festival kicks off  (3/18/2010)
Dongguan's Labor-Selling Festival to kick off March 17  (3/10/2010)
Recycling good-luck plants: A headache  (3/4/2010)
Qingxi Hakka wine-brewing listed as intangible relics  (2/5/2010)
French Kungfu fan challenges Taichi master in Zhangmutou  (1/6/2010)
Guanxiang (China Eaglewood)  (12/15/2009)
Folk Songs,Folk Dancing and Handicrafts  (12/7/2009)
Top ten most beautiful trees in Dongguan  (12/5/2009)
Qiaotou titled Hometown of Folk Culture and Arts  (12/3/2009)
Hundreds attend golden group wedding anniversary  (11/26/2009)
Dongguan Numismatic Museum  (11/10/2009)
Encore for 'Big Opera'  (10/28/2009)
Top 10 best culture squares in Dongguan unveiled  (9/19/2009)
China's Teachers' Day  (9/10/2009)
Romantic fast love match party in Wangniudun  (8/28/2009)
Double Seventh Festival  (8/25/2009)
Cultural activities of Chinese Valentine's Day in Dongguan  (8/25/2009)
Humen girl champions the World Nunchaku Competition  (8/24/2009)
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The Opening Ceremony of Dongguan Today
Lion (Dragon, Kylin, Phoenix) Dance
Inheriting of humanistic spirit city
the cultural life of Dongguan's people is colorful and reflected
Cultural Weekend
Metropolitan Rainbow
The New Eight Sceneries
Misty Rains of Songshan Lake
Morning Light upon the Avenue
Central Square
Humen Bridge
Greenery of Gradation in Huying
Scent of Blossoms in Banling
Herons of Lotus Mountainr
Moon Reflection over Jinsha Bay
The Eight Relic Sceneries
Heroism at the Old Fortress
Enchantment in Keyuan Garden
City Gate of Fortune
Prehistoric Haogang
Huangchong Ancestral Temple
Nanshe Village’s Charm
The Jin’ao Tower Silhouette
Prowess of Dongzong
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