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Bridging the gap between expats and locals

Hey there: I'm James, a local of DG. I just got back from overseas. I've been studying and working in the US for the 7 years. I just wanna meet and hangout with some expats in Dongguan so badly. If you happen to be in Dongguan and trying to fingure out what to do, please do email me. Below is list of my interests and potential activities. 1.Coffee tasting in Starbucks 2.Language exchange(besides english I know Cantonese and Mandarin fluently) 3.Clubs explore, I've been away for too long, just hope someone can give me some hot tips about the nightlif here. 4.Movie sharing, I love watching movies funny ones and maybe we can watch one together sometime 5.I love to get drunk as well, bad influence from the US, haha. Well, let me know if you like playing killer or UNO, or Ill teach you some local poker games as well. Drop me a line if you like, any suggestions of events are more than welcomed.