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Dongguan through the eyes of an American designer
Will Coon, the Operation Manager of HRS, visited Chang'an Town of Dongguan City for the third time. On this summer's visit he was accompanied by his friend Aaron. "We've been to many other places in China, but Dongguan seems to be the most suitable choice for our China office."
Mold maker finds niche in China
In 2005, James Fiocchi and his brother John were running their Chicago-based plastics business when they began having major problems that started them on an unplanned mid-life journey that today finds the Fiocchis owning — and living part-time in — a factory in Dongguan.
'Picky' foreigner asking for a change
What would you do if you were traveling through a strange new city and were unfortunately misled by the ambiguous road signs? Fernando Munoz, a Colombian language expert who has been in Dongguan for 10 years has a different approach.
Bestmanns global workplace
Rowan Bestmann spends his working life roaming the globe shooting pictures few in the world ever see, yet he has just won two World Environmental Photographer of the Year awards.
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