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The High-tech Industry Park with the Greatest Development Potential in China
-- Songshan Lake Science & Technology Industry Park

Dongguan Songshan Lake Science & Technology Industry Park is a new & high-tech industrial development zone established in November 2001 under the approval of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government. The park is located at the geometric center of Dongguan with a planned area of 72 square kilometers including a freshwater lake area of 8 square kilometers. It is a superior ecological environment currently being an exemplary region in Dongguan for the implementation of a scientific outlook on development and innovations, environmental development, and development capabilities. Songshan Lake will endeavor to grow into a cluster center for famous domestic and international enterprises, a center for research, development and service, as well as a planning center.

Songshan Lake Science & Technology Industry Park

Over the six years since construction was launched various undertakings in the Songshan Lake have developed rapidly under the care and support of the provincial and municipal CPC Committee and governments. With its rough outline of a new urban area coming into shape and the new industry coming into initial scale it has been awarded the reputation of “the high-tech industry park with the greatest development potential in China.” The lake has also been determined “The Plan Program of State Torch Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park Pilots” to be co-constructed by the province, municipality as well as the “Intellectual Property Rights Pilot Park of Guangdong Province” and the “Copyright Demonstration Base of Guangdong Province”. In 2007 the industrial GDP of the park reached 11 billion yuan with a growth of 45% over that of the previous year and tax revenues of 548 million yuan with a growth of 217%. Many years efforts have consolidated further the base and advantages of Songshan Lake and have been leading it into the phase of accelerating the science and technology core function development. The park places emphasis on scientific investment invitation and technology center construction as the main measures to implement the scientific outlook on development, to promote the dual transformation strategy, to enhance overall the efforts of investment invitation, and to exercise all management measures.

The Guangdong Electronics Industry Institute situated in the Songshan Lake R&D District is one of the large institute and local government cooperation programs. It was cooperatively constructed by The Institute of Computing Technology, The Chinese Academy of Science, Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province and Dongguan Municipal Government. Its purpose is the further promotion of independent innovation, the exploration of new modes of applicative and open scientific research, and the effective promotion of electronic industry development in Dongguan and peripheral areas.

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