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Dongguans makes flying start in CBA
The top eight sides from the regular season are battling it out to make the championship final of the CBA playoffs which began on Wednesday.
Pure EV projects in Dongguan not very mature, sa..
Worker suicides prompt investigation
Dongguan and Guangzhou sign cooperative framewor..
20 schools in Dongguan qualified to recruit fore..
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Don't Worry Be Happy-Monthly featu..
Cantonese snacks for the Festival传..
Flower markets in DG during the Sp..
Sightseeing bus lines in Dongguan
Chinese heavyweights gather at SSL
SSL promotes business in Canada and U.S.
T-Mark wholesale supermarket opens
KBA lands major contract at Print China
The 3rd FECF booths to charge 1000 yuan
Economic Index Economic Structure Export-oriented Economy
Feature Industry Exhibition Economy Industry Park Economy
City Guide
Smoke and Mirrors--a magic show
    SMOKES AND MIRRORS is an great nights entertainment for adults, its not a blue show but it’s a chance to get away from the kids. It's a magic show featuring 4 international magicians of different styles.
Opera 'Turandot'
Quartet San Francisco Concert
A Gala Night of Global Kaleidoscope
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
DGtoday Events
3rd Dongguan Oral English Contest
    The 3rd Dongguan Oral English..
3rd Dongguan Oral English Contest
2nd Dongguan Oral English Contest
The 4th Charming Star Contest
Tell you the secret of learning En..
1st Dongguan Oral English Contest
Q & A
Second :-)
Looking for a Chinese teacher
Apparel wholesale markets
The Locals
Linpang Zong, a differently shaped zongzi
    As the Dragon Boat Festival draws near, families are busy wrapping Zongzi (dumplings made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves or reeds) to celebrate. Instead of the typical tetrahedral shape, Linpang Zong have various special shapes.
Students gathered to explore beauty of SSL
Chang’an worker ran from Henan to Dongguan
Blessed are those who stay
Qiaotou schools to teach Mok Gar Kung Fu
Expats’ Life
Dongguan through the eyes of an American designer
    During his visit to Chang’an Town of Dongguan City, Will was surprised to find that attention had been paid to the "natural feeling" in many residential areas.
Mold maker finds niche in China
'Picky' foreigner asking for a change
Bestmanns global workplace
Mateus Martins:I love football
Invest & Policies
'Six Platforms' set up by Dongguan to e..
Promoting Enterprise's Productivity
Funding Program for SME and PTE
FAQs about SME and PTE funding program
Enterprises Transformation Funding Prog..
Flower Island in Songshan Lake
Yuan Chonghuan Memorial Garden
Shuilian Mountain Park & nearby sceneries
Ancient architecture of Nanshe Village
The new charming city line
Historical and cultural line
Feature industry cluster line
Comprehensive line
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