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Five parks in Songshan Lake for outings
Everyone in China knows the Spring Festival holiday very well. It is the time for celebration and family reunions. Short trips to parks are surely great activities for relaxation, and a good solution to reaffirm affection within your family or with your partner.
Moon Reflection over Jinsha Bay
The pretty Dongjiang River goes through Jinsha Bay of Shilong, forming the natural view of 3 ports in one river. The broad river and the fast water speed here make it a nice place for the dragon-boat competition.
Flocks of Egrets in Lianhua (Lotus) Mountain
The Lianhua Mountain Scenic Area in Chang'an Town is over 10 continuous kilometers long, the main hill of which has an altitude of 513 meters. Here 3 hills gather just like a lotus flower half-blossoming. The view is dramatically beautiful, with trees a vibrant green.
Scent of Blossoms in Banling Hills
Adjoining Shuilian Mountain Forest Park in the Southern suburb of the city, Dongguan Arboretum has a beautiful natural view of green mountains, clear water, gathering green trees, singing birds and scented flowers.
Huying Country Park
With an area of more than 150 hectares and a water area of about 20 hectares, it adjoins Royal Lagoon Hotel and Hill View Golf Course. In the park are scenic spots like Huying Pavilion, Sculpture Garden, Quiet Gorge, Birds in the Lake and the natural bathing spot etc.
Humen Bridge - A Rainbow over the Ancient Fort
Humen Bridge is the largest scale bridge built in Guangdong Province so far. In the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, Lin Zexu led the army and local people of Humen to construct some iron chains of hundreds of meters in length for crossing the river.
Scattered Greenery in the City's Central Square
The City's Central Square in Dongguan is the new central district of the city. It is 1,400 meters long following the North to South direction, and 250 meters wide following the East to West direction.
Morning Light upon the Avenue
Dongguan Avenue, 9.94 kilometers long and 189 meters wide at most, with the Qifeng Gate at its North and the entrance of Shigu highway at its South, is the gateway to enter the urban area of Dongguan from the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expresssway.
Misty Rains of Songshan Lake
The Science and Technology Garden of Songshan Lake has a beautiful natural environment, in which science and technology are combined with environmental protection. It is potentially the most high-level and new technology industrial developing district.
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