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Guangdong Dongjiang Column Memorial Museum
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Address: Dawangling Village, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan. 东莞市大岭山镇大王岭村 广东东江纵队纪念馆

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Located at Dawangling Village, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, the Guangdong Dongjiang Column Memorial Museum specially displays the history of the Dongjiang Column of Guangdong people's Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Force, and is among the fourth batch of national education bases for teenagers.

The museum is about 15 kilometers from downtown Dongguan and is accessible from Guangshen Expressway or National Highway 107 and then by taking a turn into the Houda Road.

It consists of two parts, respectively the Site of Dalingshan Anti-Japanese War Base, which is among the sixth batch of key cultural sites under special national protection, and the Exhibition of Dongjiang Column.

In October 1940, the 3rd Brigade of Guangdong People's Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Force (a predecessor of Dongjiang Column) marched into Dongguan's Dalingshan area to set up an Anti-Japanese base, with its headquarters in Dawangling Village. In the areas behind enemy lines they had won the Baihuadong Fight and smashed the enemies' "Mopping-up Operations", thus striking a heavy blow to Japanese invaders and puppet troops and providing great support for the War of Resistance against Japan in South China and in the whole country.

As the birthplace and an important territory of Dongjiang Column, the Dalingshan Anti-Japanese Base formed an integral part of Dongjiang Base and served as a key battlefield in South China behind the enemy lines. Existing historical sites include the headquarters and meeting room of the 3rd Brigade of the Guangdong People's Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Force, the "Solidarity" News Agency, the communication station, the grain-processing ground, the playground, the clinic, the Sun Yat-Sen school, and the Lianpinglian Town Office of Dalingshan Anti-Japanese Democratic Government, altogether nine of them.

In order to reproduce the original appearances of these sites during the War of Resistance against Japan, the museum has made use of revolutionary and folk cultural relics on the site to restore the historical scenes.

Situated next to the site where Dawangling villagers fought against Japanese invaders, the exhibition hall covers 53,319 sq.mts. including nearly 2,000 sq. mts. of exhibition area. The main building reflects the architectural style of Lingnan Hakka villages. In the historical backgrounds of the World Anti-Fascist War, China's War of Resistance against Japan and the War of Liberation, the exhibitions employ modern sound, light and electro-mechanic technologies such as phantom imaging, electronic sand tables and simulation scenes, in order to create an artistic effect that is unique to the local community, and at the same time to comprehensively display the glorious history of Dongjiang Column’s brave and hard fighting for the liberation of the Chinese people.

Inside the building there are also exhibition and conference halls for temporary display or for special presentations. On top of the building is the observation deck, where one can take a look into the distance at the sites where the villagers of Dawangling fought against Japanese invaders and where the Baihuadong Fight took place, as well as the new Dalingshan Town.

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