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10 treks to the outdoors in Guangdong
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As you plan your trips to Yingxi Mountain Forest, Qingyuan, Danxia Mountain, Dapeng Peninsular and Lufeng mountainous areas, here are five more exciting weekend getaways.

Hakka enclosed houses

Outdoor sports: cycling

Lying in northeastern Guangdong, Meizhou City is considered the most important dwelling place for the Hakka people. Among the Hakka's 130 distinct cultural traditions are folk songs, Han opera, tea-picking drama, puppetry and the Zhuma dance. The homes of deceased celebrities, such as Ye Jianying and Huang Zunxian, are open to the public.

Meizhou is famous for its Hakka circular houses, which could accommodate dozens, even hundreds of families. Each house has its own style, including the enclosed dragon-style house, one of the five major Chinese dwelling styles.

Meizhou "Wei Wu," special Hakka style house. (file photo)

Recommended cycling route:

Tianluo Pit, Lianchen or Qiaoxiang Village in Nankou, Hakka enclosed houses in Dabu District


Take a bus to Meizhou and then take a sightseeing bus to the attractions. That complete trip will take less than five hours. Then make your cycling tour from one village to another.


You can stay in hotels or hostels in different districts or counties, the prices of which are similar to those in other cities. Some Hakka enclosed houses offer accommodation.

Nanling National Forest Park

Outdoor sports: mountain climbing and stream tracing

Nanling National Forest Park is situated in Ruyuan County, Shaoguan City, in North Guangdong, and holds a large primitive forest covering 273,000 square kilometers.

Among the attractions are Shikengkong, the tallest peak in Guangdong, Little Huangshan Mountain, pine tree clusters, waterfalls, streams and Qinshui Valley. The park also abounds with Chinese gooseberries, beech trees, brambles and lichis.

Recommended hiking route: Main gate to the park--Ti'er Power Plant--Qingshui Valley--No. 4 forest path--peak of Shikengkong

Nanling National Forest Park


Stream hiking is an extreme sports that is particularly dangerous during rainy spring and summer, so tourists are advised to join outdoor adventure clubs.

Transportation: Take a bus to Shaoguan and then take a bus to Ruyuan. A sightseeing bus there will take you to the attractions in the park, or you can go there by renting a minibus for 80 yuan. The whole trip takes less than six hours.

Accommodation: Hostels and restaurants are found only near one of the gates to the park that faces Ruyuan. One other restaurant is on Yangshan Mountain. Your best bet is to pack your own food. You can also camp in the shelters on top of the mountains.

Kaiping Diaolou

Outdoor activities: photography and hiking

Kaiping City in south-central Guangdong is famous for its diaolou, or castle-like multiple-story towers, built in the 1920s and 1930s by returning Chinese immigrants. The unique architectural style of the 3,000-plus diaolou has earned them a World Heritage Site designation. Diaolou somewhat resemble medieval castles and served as housing and protection against bandits in times of upheaval.

Kaiping Diaolou

Recommended hiking route: Tangkou, Chikan and Xiangang towns are recommended. Yinglong Tower--Canada Village--Liyuan--Fang Clan Watch Tower---diaolou cluster in Zili Village; or Yinglong Tower--Canada Village--Chikan Ancient Town--Majianglong diaolou cluster--Shilu---Yanping Tower---Ruishi Tower behind Jinjiangli Village

Transportation: Take a bus to Kaiping and then take a sightseeing bus to the attractions. The trip takes about three hours.

Accommodation: There are food and accommodation in every county and town. Or you can stay with local families.

Zhuhai islands

Outdoor activities: diving, surfing, fishing, sailboarding, canoeing and camping

Zhuhai City, which borders Macao, is a beautiful coastal city located on the southern coast of Guangdong. It has more than 100 islands. Among the most popular are Jiuzhou, Dong'ao, Hebao, Wailingding, Qi'ao, Guishan and Miaowan islands.

Its attractive natural scenery and historical sites, mostly scattered in the eastern Xiangzhou and western Doumen districts, have made it a popular destination for expatriates. It has two international ports, Jiuzhou Port and Gaolan Port.

You can walk on the sandy beaches and visit rustic fishing villages. The marine climate and clear seawater are particularly suitable for diving, surfing, fishing, sailboarding, canoeing and beach camping.

Zhuhai Miaowan Island

Transportation: A ferry from Shekou Port takes about an hour. A bus trip takes about 90 minutes. Take a ferry or powerboat to the islands.

Accommodation: There are resorts, hotels and hostels on every island and prices are between 20 and 200 yuan per night. Or you can camp on the beaches. The fresh, tasty seafood of Zhuhai is a must-try.

Zhanjiang beaches

Outdoor activities: beach sports and beach camping

Zhanjiang City is located on the eastern coast of Leizhou Peninsula in Southwest Guangdong. It's a place of sun, beaches, pristine coral reefs and pearls. More than two-thirds of China's cultivated sea pearls come from the waters around Zhanjiang. The harbor is home to more than 520 species of fish, 547 types of shellfish and 28 varieties of shrimp.

On Donghai, Nansan and Techeng islands, you can walk along the soft sandy beaches under the shadow of coconut trees and enjoy the blue sky and sea. The islands are perfect for sand volleyball, surfing, sailboarding and diving.

Zhanjiang City

Recommended route: Donghai Island--Naozhou Island--Nansan Island--Seaview Passage in Chikan

Transportation: Take a bus to Zhanjiang and then take a bus to the attractions. It takes around eight hours.

Accommodation: The food and accommodation in Zhanjiang are cheap because the beaches were developed years ago and the facilities are relatively old. You can bring your own camping equipment, or you can rent camp sites and equipment at the beaches for about 40 yuan per person each night.

Source:Shenzhen Daily  Editor: Zhou Mingfeng
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