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Extension of Art Activities
—the City of Square Culture

Dongguan city has the highest density of cultural squares in China. There are 447 culture squares in the city now and they are very important places for resident’s cultural and leisure activities. Due to the construction mode of "one square, one promotion agent, one brand," a series of high-quality culture and art activities such as "Cultural Weekend", "Metropolitan Rainbow", "Cantonese Sound and Golden Voice", “Singing Contest of Singing More Times More Popular Star of the Square”, "Beautiful Stage", "Happy Weekend" and "King of KARAOK" have arrived. All soundly blending the culture square facility resources of towns (streets), communities and enterprises. These activities enter into communities and enterprises periodically so that there is art everywhere in the city ensuring great numbers of local people and workers from other cities are enthusiastic about them, thus making a strong and vibrant art atmosphere.

Guancheng cultural square

Cantonese Sound and Golden Voice