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Inheritance of Humanistic Spirit
—the City of Museums

Dongguan is trying to construct four kinds of museums- museums of the historical resources category, the supporting industry category, the folk collection category and the leisure consumption category. According to the deep research of traditional culture and modern industry resources, these musuems will establish the humanistic spirit education brand of "Approach to Dongguan Civilization" and advocate the utilization of places such as ancestral temples, halls and culture activity centers for village history exhibition. The number of museums is in transition. There were 3 in 2003 and currently there are 24. A further 17 others are under construction. The number of constructed and under-construction museums is in ninth place of all the large and middle sized cities in China, in second place of all the prefecture-level cities and the number of village history exhibitions has reached 46. This has resulted in the formation of a Dongguan-characteristic museum culture with a specialty in supporting industry museums. The extension of village history exhibitions, social-cultural museums and the annual activity "Approach to Dongguan's Civilization" ensure that everything is bonded together in an orderly fashion. Of all the museums in Guangdong Dongjiang River Column Army Museum is an Anti-Japan-War (1937-1945) subject museum with the most abundant relics and the highest level of exhibition. The Shilong Weightlifting Museum is the first weightlifting museum in China. The Weimei Ceramic Museum is the first architectural ceramic industry museum in China and has already been upgraded to the status of an Architectural Ceramic Museum of China.

Dongguan Museum
Keyuan Garden
and Museum
Haogang Relic Museum
The Opium War Museum
Naval Battle Museum
GD Dongjiang Column
Memorial Museum
Dongguan Cantonese
Opera Museum
Yuehui Garden
and Museum
Weimei Ceramic Museum